From the design to the configuration, know more about the Chinese people on the new family – test drive brand new generation


From the new generation of famous diagrams, it can be seen that Beijing Hyundai is based on changes in the Chinese market. From the inside to the outside, the temperament to the design, it has become more important for Chinese people. This is also the way in Beijing’s modern must go.


As we all know, the Mistra name is one of the most popular models of Beijing Hyundai, which is the main contributor of millions of scale. In 2015, the sales volume has reached 154,600, once a model for the sales of the intermediate sedan.

However, subsequently changed, China’s car market upgrades, Korean model micro, named ups and downs, no more than 10,000 months in 2015, 2016.


After the name, after the Sonata, the player played a higher cost-effective role, played the black horse in the B-level market, because of its physical volume, space, motivation, driving, etc., enough to have a B-class car, But it is a big brother with a low B-class car, and makes a big brother in the B-market, do a cost-effective intermediate car.

And now, a new generation of alien came again.

“Car Market” has recently carried out test drive experience in Beijing, the latest 1.5T power models of modern vehicles in the near future.


“仔” in modern new design

The Fisa, new Sunda, etc., have gradually released the modern new design ideas, waiting until the tenth generation of Sonata out, modern car is trying to express the aesthetics, all released.

However, modern design is quite controversial, but changing image, completely bid farewell to past, facing younger consumers, including in the tenth generation of Sonata, new generation names.


If the tenth generation of Sonata is a bit “demon”, then the new generation of famous diagrams can be described in “Extremely”. The tenth generation of Sonata launched a new generation of famous maps for more than a year, the new generation of famous pictures did not walk along the idea of ​​Sonata, but added more medium-to-medium elements, letting it have a broader audience. ” The car market, “Think, this is conducive to the new generation of names.

In the new family-faceted face and “C” glyph in the “C” glyph, the new generation of famous diagrams have made a distinctive district in the tenth of Sonata while maintaining a modern design family characteristics (as follows Figure), it is not emerging like Sonata.

For example, although “broad-flat” big mouth, the new generation is combined with the combination of the blade front fog and the Jieji star, which reduces the controversy of modern this generation of the big mouth, more harmonious; LED combination taillight “C” through the car, combined with the duck tail shape, and with honeycomb texture, it is not abrupt, and exquisite (as shown), so that it is like the tenth generation of Sonatata is too young and sharp. .


To explain, the same “broad-flat” big mouth, 1.5T power is a black high gloss cut front grille, 1.5T model matches silver star front grille; front face can distinguish two different Power model.

On the side of the body, although it is well, it seems very well, people can see it, this is a stage medium vehicle, not a compact A-class car.

From the appearance, “Car Market” believes that the new generation of famous diagrams are not as the ultimate young, larger, which is more widely located in the A + to B-market level.

A to B-

The reason why the old name is best, it is a good choice between the B-class car and the A-class car, which satisfies the “high-incomprehensible” consumers, the new generation of famous maps are 13.58-17.58 Ten thousand yuan, just in the price of intermediate and medium-sized sedan markets. Those consumers who like to have a large space and push to buy B-class sedan are often one of the best choices.

The new generation of famous pictures in the exquisite, comfortable and space of the interior, can only be said to be better, it is a good choice for this market interval.

1.5T high-as-black interior, and 1.8L high matching is a brown-colored match; at the same time, 1.5T uses button shifts, 1.8L is the big hand-handed gear, that is, “Flight” gear.

The shaft distance is 2770mm, the length is 4780/1815 / 1460mm, the size of the car is sized, the upper B- (the wheelbase is 39mm longer than its competitive, 20mm is more than the Shang, “and even the height is 1.8m Driving, the back space is also spacious. The back row is not high, and the longitudinal and horizontal spaces meet the needs of people’s household sedan for large space.

Interior center control design, “car market 裴 chat” believes that it is a very mainstream double large screen connection design, two 12.3-inch LCD big screens, completely different from Die Gene Sina Tower, all touch touch panel, integrated Most of the operations, clear interface, system smooth 360-degree panoramic image is very clear, and the level belongs to the top flow in joint ventures.


It is equipped with Baidu third-generation intelligent network system, which provides speech control, providing frontier convenience function such as House, BLE Bluetooth, Bluelink, location sharing, etc., you can use mobile phone App to boot vehicle, set air conditioning, etc., these configurations, It is indeed true for the same price of the Japanese.


The comfort of the landline is unexpected, especially as a family intermediate car, the seat is very packaged, sitting in the driving position is easy to adjust the position you need, the view is also open, the human machine is quite good, give The feeling of people is a very comfortable home car, and the ride in the car is a high level in a joint venture.


“No problem”, qualified intermediate car driving experience


As mentioned earlier, the test drive, 1.8L and 1.5T power “car market” have tried drive.

Let’s talk about 1.8L naturally, do not read the book motivation data, for this natural breathable power, the author has a feeling of retrogenous drinking of naturally inhaled driving, but not saying more power, but linear power output driving experience Stable, plus the matching CVT smart gearbox, there is a feeling that people who are naturally inhaled for a long time.


Especially within 110 km speed, the robust output of Beijing Ping Expressway, although the acceleration of the 120-year-old power is not so prominent, after all, the maximum power is 104.8kW, the maximum torque 175.5N · m, but this 1.8L MPI engine + smart CVT The transmission is matched, and it is indeed a person who likes natural inhalation, fully meets the city and high-speed linear driving.

As for the 1.5T of the backhaul driving, it is more fierce, completely different from the 1.8L naturally inhaled vehicle, acceleration, the feeling of the lead, is not the sense of the performance car, it is a little It fully meets the needs of household sedan for speeding.

Modern cars are switched from 1.6T power to the CVVD power 1.5T, which is equipped with a 7DCT gearbox. Don’t be small, it is a power upgrade. For the author, it feels better, this power match is up to 125kW, the maximum torque is 253N · m, and the comprehensive working condition fuel consumption is 5.3L / 100km.


For those consumers who need immediate speed, 1.5T is better than 1.8L.

Recently, improve travel security


Also talk about the configuration of a new generation, it has 23 ADAS smart driving assistance, and there is a half-circle icon on the right hand button. It is the SCC intelligent cruise control with stops. It is based on navigation smart cruise control function based on NSCC. Match.

On the high speed, “Car Market” experiences the fixed speed cruise, liberates both hands, and the vehicle is automatically kept from the front car, and the driving is stable.

At the same time, the new generation of famous diagrams also equipped with FCA front impact assistant, LKA lane anti-deviation assisted, preventing collision warnings with rear vehicles, BCA blind zone anti-collision assist, etc. Intelligent security configuration.

Especially the two configurations to be mentioned are “HBA Remote Light Automatic Switch” and “SEW Safety Gettle Warning”, the former is very helpful for consumers who often travel at night, can identify front vehicle lights and surrounding ambient light source strength, remote light Automatic turning off; and the latter is very practical for most people, when you plan to open the door, the vehicle will come to the car through the rear of the way, predict the risk of collision, and issue alert. After all, the door of the door has caused the rear pedestrian, and the motorcycle collision example is too much.

In general, the new generation of famous diagrams provides a high price ratio of 130,000 +-level sedan markets, which is a new choice for consumers.

Beijing is in the strategic adjustment period, is intensive to launch products, including new Towers L, Name, Ilant, etc., the old models have been a popular product.

From the new generation of famous names, it can be seen that Beijing Hyundai is based on changes in the Chinese market. It has become more than the inside, and it is more important to the Chinese, which is also the road that Beijing has a must have to go. .