Underwear hot red


According to the traditional custom, we must put on the new underwear, socks, and the new year must have a new year in the morning. Near the Spring Festival, many consumers have begun to prepare their family’s new underwear in advance, from the ladies’ bra’s brars to the old people’s warm underwear, sales are all the way. Ms. Yang and her daughter who are in the mall is a special trip to buy underwear. Also bought a new bra kiss for the daughter. I saw the shopping mall in the first two days. I have time to come here today. “Ms. Yang is like Ms. Yang, the consumer of the family to choose underwear is not in a small number, the sales of the three guns The person told reporters that near the Spring Festival, the sales of underwear increased significantly. “From the morning until now, this warm underwear sells almost 15 sets, and Most sells 12 sets. Especially red, sales is very good. “

This year popular “pig liver color”

For the Spring Festival, many consumers will be red as the first choice when choosing underwear. “The two days of red bra sales are very good, like our Chinese red with peony flowers, almost sold almost every day, many of this year’s life year,” a underwear brand sales personnel introduced. If the female consumer, the clothes, the clothes, and the red thermal underwear look into a good color of the new year, then select a Chinese red bra suit again.

In addition to the ladies bra suit, maybe you still need to choose a few new thermal underwear. For the elderly, it is certainly suitable for warm styles. “Older people can choose such a thickened style under the knee and calf, and there is warm in the shoulder, and the general age is particularly paying special attention to protect the legs and shoulders.” The salesperson of copper cattle underwear introduced. If you want to buy a young man, it is best to choose a soft, thin, smooth modal fabric of thermal underwear. For different ages, there are many choices to consider different materials. If your family doesn’t really like the red underwear, this year swept the “pig liver color” is your choice, both celebrate It is good to match other clothes.

Cleaning method is paying attention to

As a often wearing clothes, the paper should naturally pay attention to the sales personnel of the straw bird, the thermal underwear is not dry, and it is necessary to choose a soft machine or hand wash. Moreover, the washed water temperature is preferably controlled at about 30 ° C, and the washing soap or detergent containing a whitening agent cannot be used, and the detergent cannot be dissolved in the water. If it is a warm underwear containing wool to be placed in a cool and ventilated place, it is not available. Through visiting each major in Spring City, the reporter found that major Shangchao also prepared for consumers to receive 100, 50% to 30%, full delivery, etc., the original 400 yuan wool warm underwear, after discount It takes only 220 yuan. The reporter gave the family three modal lining, and participated in the activities of 200 receiving 100. Three modal’s luminous trousers only 202 yuan were only 202 yuan.