Happy end (19)


The moon of the Yu high is not the eyes, and the black-moving B floor employee has a translator’s horizontal line, and the more young male colleague, only that night, touched in the street. His mobile phone changed a new photo, I saw Huang Ming in the screen, and I also slammed the sky, and then lost different walks.

Oh, there is. I saw him once in front of the subway. He stood up to the top of the door, set with any one of the self-contained people, with the subway to enter the door to the three households.

I told him, in the office. But not particularly want to say, not to expose a harmonier for the adjustment association. If so, it is still a closed yourself, is what I am more good.

As long as you walk into the crowd, no matter who is going to shoulder or take the road, just enter, then have an arrival, you can be a satisfactory daily. I have my own world, keep the parts, or inch rice, I will not be clear about each household in the window.

I peeled a little, and I was promised to start. From next Monday to the next Monday, I don’t know what it is about, I can keep it in the office.

On Friday, on the 26th, it is the year-on-year break. The brightener, the sky, still didn’t fight, and I got up in the room, and I went to sleep. I won’t be a difficult habit, I wanted to bundle, I’m going to break the sinking. Put on the sweater pants, Miqi fell asleep, do not comply with the time to get into the bright, in the hurdery, the face is in the face, that is, it is a warm pet. Silver, exquisite his small mini, which is a light joy: “Mickey, Xiaomi,”

On a kiwi, the green fruit to the rice bottle, my breakfast and his breakfast, all overnight, all night, sleep.

Mickey slammed from the bed, and the shoes on the shoes were flat. He stopped his hand in this bedroom to come to the kitchen, “Oh, wait.”

We went to the park. The old man of the swing is a bit of the forehead of the brakes, sitting in the old bamboo chair, charming the little ducks and newly row troops in Mickey. The zero selling small things on the shop put in a small aspect of a living, and scissors and scorpions are screwed. Mickey’s camouflage green trousers and gradually shotted small hands five fingers, from I should not catch the pregnancy of the old vendors.

“Mickey, no.”

“You hold him open.”

I received a micro-waist to cut the straw radio and more empty dance. The vibration of the big speaker turned a few laps, Mickey climbed the foot to find a more stable, swirling The big mothers of the lengthened skirt reminded and avoiding, making the shuttle through Mickey a little bit smoothly.

I hung behind Mickey’s shoulder, just shortest: “Okay, okay.”

Mickey’s shoes will fall in a hug and self-embarrassing, I saw his foot, the tile orange socks or raised the elbows, to give him shoes It’s hard, I tried to sit on Mickey and then smash the soft feet, and the shoes are not lost in his, and it can be completely lost.

I didn’t come in the afternoon, I haven’t opened it in the afternoon, I have been half an hour. Friday’s stadium road and Yan’an Road are casually from several people who did not sit in the building in the afternoon. I opened the navigation in the mobile phone blue. The position, the article wrote the name of the hotel, I went in is a number of old Essen, one more step, the blue is polarized, I spent some Welcome Taiwan, the company is in the hotel. The ear is laid with my microphone that I only see the lips. I walked into a fan, the welcome robot was shorted in the knees.

I quit and have a long in the talents, “afternoon tea.”

He took me to my intention to make up the microphone to me: “The eighth floor of this side.”

“Oh.” I fold the robot on the short straight line, pressing the elevator on the key, I got the number of “8” in the small elevator in the same way, and there is no earplug. ,, 电 电 方 方 方 方 方 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团 团: “”

“The afternoon tea has not started, you can sit first.” He said with courtesy.