Live for a long time! New tempered membranes, green film – medical grade tempered film you have seen?


Starting from iPhone4, Apple mobile phone is selling hot! The huge user volume has a fire of the mobile phone film. In 2010, it became all mobile phone accessories for the first year. In the past, everyone was on the roadside stall, and there were ancestral film, 10 yuan, now it is basically not seen. It’s time to the roadside film, because everyone is buying a steel chemical film, with a complete set of film tools, and even some people have developed a lot of foolic film accessories.


And now buying mobile phones are online, the mobile phone is shipped from the factory without a film, even if there is some ordinary plastic film, it is not worn resistant to the dirty, basically can’t be used, but it is still like ov. The film service, and basically free, online purchase is bought yourself.

Now the online tempered film is really uneven, the name of the Hui whistle makes people look dazzling, what anti-prominent film, import diamond film, whole film, sapphire film, etc. What, these are basically the IQ tax, you don’t want to believe it easily.


Most people think that the steel film is not necessary to buy, anyway, it is almost a glass. Anyway, it is used to protect the screen. It does not affect the use of mobile phones to see it clearly. One penny, good tempered film is very easy to use.

I have also used entry-level steel chemical membranes. Later, my friend sent me a price of more than 30 tempered films. I used it for a while, I found it is really comfortable, and I feel comfortable with comfort.


Good tempered film has a lot of features, such as more HD, more fitting screen, more dirty and anti-blue light, etc., these are not what, higher-end play, I only see, medical grade tempered film, one Mobile phone tempered film is engaged in medical treatment?


That is this palm, AiCare children’s medical eye-catching steel film – anti-blue medical green film, did you have heard it? Main children’s eye protection antibacterial, anti-blue light, anti-UV ultraviolet rays, etc. The new era education method, but as parents can provide just protection measures for their children.


The palm is actually a healthy living brand of a user, and the steel film is only one of the products, other masks, sphygmomanometers, and ear temperature guns. There are also professional products.


This tempered film has joined TUV eye-catching techniques, and the green glass layer is placed, and the ultraviolet rays detrimental to the human body can be absorbed by the chlorophyll layer. It can block 55% -75% blue light, reducing the glare reflection, resist 80%. Mobile phone ultraviolet.

High-aluminum whole glass, 4-layer strengthening process, plasma olee layer, these are high quality representative processes and materials in the tempered film, many of the tempered film is like not posted, very HD, nano-molecular isolation, powerful resistance Soldal, smooth and comfortable, and can also effectively antibacterial, this is not in the market.

It is necessary to protect it to protect it. When the child will play for a while, the benefits of this tempered film is to use an OCA optical adhesive substrate. When the light will become more soft, reduce strong light The stimulation of the eyes.

With imported green rubber, restore the screen’s true color, no yellow, double-sided absorption harmful light effect, ultra-clear filter reduction bare screen, really protect your child’s eyes, no wonder can do medical level , There is a need for children at home.