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General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when the fifth Winter Olympics should be integrated into more Chinese elements in operation management, making it an important window to showcase the unique charm of Chinese culture, and become a bright business card showing my country’s ice and snow movement. Chinese elements, Chinese culture, Chinese business cards, general book remembers. In the January 2021, the General Secretary has also emphasized that the Beijing Winter Olympics, the construction of the winter disabled venues is integrated into many Chinese elements, reflecting our cultural confidence. We must not only do a good fortune, and we have to make a feature, do wonderful, and have a unique.

Excellent Chinese elements, condensed the spirit of Chinese national culture and assume the mission of integrating into the world and affecting the world. China’s non-legacy, Chinese science and technology blessings, Chinese wisdom highlight … In the details of the Beijing Winter Olympics, you can always find the “figure” of Chinese elements. “said Chinese element” series audio today launched the third issue “China Fan]! I love it directly like this! “Talk to your Chinese elements in Beijing Winter Olympics.

Producer: Ma Yuan Jing Shi

Current planning: Hu Rong

Announcement: Hu Rong

Clip: Hu Rong

Design: Li Bin Zhang Wei

Source: Yangguang Net