Black down jacket is too ordinary, “White Down Jacket” is right, warm and soft


Suwa in winter, cold and bleak.

The down jacket has long been a cold artifact, give you enough practical and peace of mind.

Black down jacket, classic, dirty. But it is always difficult to escape the murderous curse.

Want to warm and soft small fresh temperament, “White Down Jacket” is king.

Advantages of white down jacket

High color brightness, very eye-catching in the crowd

Although the black and white ash in winter is the mainstall, the white stage is still less than black gray.


In the dark-filled black gray, the white brightness is higher, even in the crowd is also very eye-catching.

I don’t want to be overwhelmed in the crowd, I want to be more unique and fashionable, I can choose white down jacket.

A beautiful white system, you can be gentle and peaceful, you can make your eyes, give you the most confident shining light.


Compatible with wild, make fashion styling tentacles

Although the white system is relatively beautiful, it is different from other bright colors.

Because the white system is a colorless system, you can go to any other color free to match.

Compatible with wild, feel very stylish, there will be no sense of 突 和 和.

In addition to the black gray with wild, you can also combine a variety of bright colors, allowing fashion styling tentacles.


White down jacket selection

Direct version, inclusiveness

When we choose a white down jacket, the selection of the version is especially important.

Too much expanded profile, or with genericity, there is a certain visual expansion.

It is more simple to choose the straight H-type, the inclusive, compress the visual line, and there will be no expansion.

Whether it is a long or short down jacket, you can choose a straight H version, simple and refreshing.

Detail design, let the white do not bore

In winter, the down jacket in winter will choose a solid color, which will inevitably have a certain order.

If it is a dark line, even if the design of the details is added, it is not easy to be discovered.

But if it is a down jacket of the white, it will be more clear.

The unique tailor of the neck, or the modification of the pocket, and the embellishment of the metal buckle, you can make the white down jacket.

White down jacket with skill

Gray white is a color brightness is not as high as high, gentle and soft.

The visual brightness is not high, but it also carries a more natural beauty, wearing more casual.

With deep brown basic sweater, it is more tetled in a slightly polar T-shirt, and the personality is more fluent.

Half-length skirts or trousers can be colored with sweaters. The overall view is stronger, fashionable and eye-catching.

Rice white down jacket, color is more fresh and elegant, belonging to a sweet and gentle color.


The white brightness of rice is not very high, and the requirements for skin tone are not high, and the yellow or white skin can be controlled.


The same style beige system can be selected, which is more likely to be generous, romantic soft.

The white down jacket, beige system of sweaters and skirts, combined, generous.

Short rice white down jacket is a more gentle style.

Compared to lengthy styles, short down jackets are more gentle and delicate, and more.

Even small children, you can also choose your favorite short down jacket.


Loose straight version, better inclusive. The touched black knit skirt is a slim figure.

For small children, the short white down jacket is essential.


Mild and delicate white, short and delicate and gentle style, the most romantic sweetness.

The short down jacket of the white line can also easily get the style of style.

Build a sweater of the striped element, with the high waist pleated skirt of the same color, more refined.

I want to be more warm, I naturally have a long down jacket.


The long-long down jacket can choose the length of the knees, gentle atmosphere.

The simplest and generous match is the combination of basic sweaters with straight jeans.

Evil in your youth, a literary scarf, the temperament of the college wind is coming out.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know how white down jacket, how should you choose and match? Every day, share the fashion trend of fashion trend, hurry up! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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