Super warm cotton coat, look good again, don’t miss it!


On the occasion of quiet into the winter, a fashionable and warm jacket is essential, popular brown, this year, the most fashionable, most fashioned. Awesome ~~

I don’t want to be too cute with a cotton coat ~~ Quality is super good! This thickness is quite good ~ there is no problem in the winter.

Pink and tender warm and cute cotton coats, this winter is no longer dull, warm winter


Sweet doll style, the design of the waist is very slim. YY just received the effect of the skirt, there was a model.

Simple design, it’s a big card, this winter is the most popular style in Korea.


The fabric is quite a good match, not picking people, not fat! Warm is good, this winter is not afraid of cold

The cuffs are the design of the finger cover, the collar can also be buckled as a high lead, keep warm every detail!

Simple scorpion cotton clothing wild-looking style is very easy to control hundreds of any styles detachable fur collar hats are not detachable.




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