“Small Class” silica gel behemot airplane cup surface out? Is it normal?


But recently a novice owner sent a complaint after receiving the product, the silica gel inverted model name is very “dirty”, and it is necessary to apply for a refund return.

After explaining, or

It is the “fouling” “dirt” formed by the residual substance in the molded plastic bag.

So I want to talk about this issue:

Silica gel bending is a normal phenomenon? ? ?

Every time I organize the silicone melers, the entire palm will feel sticky, for many shop owners, this feeling should be very familiar. In particular, the larger the silicone products, the stronger greasy feelings. So this kind of silicone itself overflows the grease, is it normal?

Light rain, this question, directly consulted the manufacturer’s staff, the person in charge of the manufacturer, got an answer, that is:


In fact, in the exchange of the manufacturer, the main components of silica gel are silica, the chemical properties are stable, while the silica gem is produced, the manufacturer will add white oil (later online search: should be called “white ore oil / mineral oil”). Again

Silicone raw materials and oil substances are thermopladed to form our common

Flip model


The manufacturer also emphasizes that when the silicone is known, it is

Mineral oils must be added so that it can be used to mold molding

. It belongs to the essential product in the production of production.

Q: What are the phenomena of silicone meleware?

The warehouse, just a small rain produced a sample display area, disassembled some products, which facilitates some physical owners to watch the goods, there are several silicone instruments, there are several problems:

1, cracking in the surface of the silicone article