Thrilling video! Saimo Yasi high-speed arrogant


“Anti-day! The motorcycle is high speed!”

“This is not to live!”

惊险视频!赛摩雅西高速上狂飙 不断超车

On October 6, Mr. Chengdu took a video at Yasi Expressway, a Saimo continued to surpass the car, truck, the highest speed of 130 ~ 140 km / h, and drove over a high speed for more than 100 kilometers. Today (7), Mr. Ri is transmitted to Weibo, calling for nothing to make a joke.

At noon on the 7th, Yasi Expressway said that Sichuan prohibited motorcycle into the highway will be deducted 3 points to the parties in violation of the ban, fined 100 yuan. Because the car did not hang the license plate, there was no more news about these two motorcycles, and the traffic police conducted investigations on this matter. The traffic police reminded that the driver is very dangerous after the motorcycle is very dangerous, and it is easy to accident, and hope that the motorcycle driver cherishes life.

Sai Mo high speed continuous speed speed at least 130 km

At noon on the 7th, Mr. Ri, video publisher, told the Chengdu Business Daily reported a thrilling scene.

“On the afternoon, we came back from Wuhu, return to Chengdu from Xichang.” At 4:30 pm on the 6th, their car was driving to Yasi Express Suining, only listening to the car outside a motor roar, a Saimo From the super lane, he surpassed their cars. “At that time, our car ran to 110 km / h, the speed of Saver was at least 130 km / h.”

At that time, Mr. Ray saw that this Saimo did not hang license plate, and the rider wore a helmet and it looked a young guy. “I have never seen the motorcycle to open the high speed. I really don’t want to live, I have been running so fast.” Mr. Lei pick up the phone to take a picture of about 45 seconds (poke [here] watch video), can see, game After Mr. Lei’s car, Mr. Mo’s car was surpassed.

Mr. Ray said that after the motorcycle exceeds the truck, it has frequently overtakes all the way, not far apart from the sight. “Because it is the peak of return, Yasi high speed has a lot of trolley, and Sai Mo walks in the vehicle, it is really a sweating.”

Mr. Ray introduced that they found this Saver in Suining in Liangshan, after more than 100 kilometers, and met this Saver in Ya’an Shixian County. “At that time, Saimo also stopped.” Subsequently, Saimo won’t see, “It may be afraid to be discovered by the traffic police, it is high speed.”

Sichuan prohibited motorcycle high-speed will deduct 3 points for 100 yuan

According to the civilian police of the Yasi Expressway, according to Article 67 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China, Article 67: pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, tractors, wheel special machine vehicles, articulated passenger cars, all-hanging trailers and Other motor vehicles with the highest speed of less than 70 kilometers, may not enter the highway, and the above provisions do not include no motorcycles. Therefore, motorcycles can be legally driven on the highway.

However, according to the relevant provisions of Sichuan Expressway management, motorcycles cannot drive on highways. To this end, all the toll stations and entrances in the province have set up a sign of the bicycle train to enter the high-speed sign. If the staff discovers will be persuaded. If the motorcycle is captured by the electronic eye or seized by the high-speed traffic police, it will be punished in a penalty of 3 points and a penalty of 100 yuan according to the violation of the ban. As of 7 noon, the Yasi high-speed traffic police three brigade police said that because the motorcycle did not hang the license plate, there was no more news about the motorcycle, and the traffic police were still investigated.

“Compared with other motor vehicles, the motorcycle is light, single, and the safety factor is low. Once the driving is 60 km / in, the stability will deteriorate, the safety performance is greatly reduced, and the accident is prone to accidents, and after the accident, it is driving more than the car. The staff is easier to cause casualties. “The traffic police called for the motorcycle driver to cherish life, don’t drive high speed on motorcycles, not to express truck at high speed.

Chengdu Business Daily reporter Jiang Long pictures and video provided by Mr. Ri