American pastoral country house, it’s so good, I fell in love with it.


Everyone is so hard to fight outside. It is not that the family can live a good day. The parents in the family have worked for a lifetime. It is time to repay them, let the parents pension in a comfortable and beautiful big house.

Below this is


The total customary private custom private customs of Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province

Two-storey American villa, naturally fresh, enjoy the idyllic life, starting from this villa.

Brand: Building a house

1, villa drawing number: JF22025


2, main body blanks reference costs: 37-47


Ten thousand

3, floor area: 213 square meters

4, building area: 367


Square meter

5, 15.7 meters in the room, 15.3 meters deep

6, building 9.7 meters high

Panorama display


Plane layout