Have a riddble city function pants, burning all summer


Entering the summer, the weather is getting hot! It has been reached the node of the new clothes. For summer, the most headache thing is going to take a bath every day, and you will be washed every day. If only one or two trousers may come, it is not easy to wash, can’t replace it. Buy more than a few in the style, I am afraid that it is too similar. Is everyone difficult to choose?


Troubled for the shortcomings of the fashion, may be more familiar with the city’s functionality. This is a trend of dressing from Sai Bonxin culture, with dark lines, supplemented by gray, military green, dark coffee, and so on. The accessories of clothing are exaggerated, the style is distinct, and the personality is booming, and it is very fashionable, future sense and technology. A set of machine winds look like a “Ninja” in the Japanese anime, there is a fashionable nuclear fusion.

The shrimp in the following shrimps will share the shrimp rice from the millet from the millet.

When I received this pants, I was attracted by its unique style, and I was very worried about this style. Can I control it? But I will last more, how about this pants?




With the continuous improvement of fabric technology and ergonomics, and people’s requirements for comfort, military, outdoor elements are gradually integrated into daily wear, and the combination of technology and clothing seem to be the main melody of the current costume development. Unlike the design style of ordinary casual pants, the wind is full of machine winds, the combination of tooling pants and casual pants, has the unique feeling of doing pants, and casual feelings.

Pants are good, the fabric is very important. The comfort of the preferred fabric is that the ordinary material cannot be comparable. The riddles fooxmet’s function casual pants use linen with nylon materials to be breathable, absorbent, sweat function, and also have a cold touch, and a tight texture.

For colors, entry-level straight men preferred one black. The riddles fooxmet urban function pants create a strong contrast and distinct contrast to the tightening trousers. The form of the palay waist and the design of multi-pockets are not only very trend, but also super functionality. The tight waist design can cope with various body. The trousers are bundled, and they are not afraid of mosquito bites, and field exploration is not afraid of being scratched by weed branches. Two big pockets can be installed more. There is a big zipper decoration on the front, special pull!


In the matching of functional wind, very obvious elements are long streamers. If there is a belt, the belt must be long enough, long to slide, not only the trend can also create a longitudinal line feeling, it is a very careful machine. In addition, in the up, pants must also be consciously selected with streamer, webbing.


The riddles fooxmet’s city fuel pants are very concealed from visual, but they are often thin. Compared to heavy tooling pants, it can really be called “light load”. It is also extra cooling on the body, and the summer is simple. Thanks to the high elasticity of the fabric, even if it makes a dramatic movement, it can be easily responded, so I will run in the evening. Feeling that you are like the Ninja in the city, full of power, cattle is crazy.

Body experience:

Shrimp rice height 185cm, weight 75kg, bought the XXL number or one lost, it is recommended to buy a small number one. The riddle Fooxmet’s trousers are loose version, although it is loose, but not loose, the version is very good. Whether your body is fat is thin, you can easily control, wear it will definitely make people refresh.


The city’s air wind has become a new favorite of 2021, less than 200 pieces, it is the most eye-catching in the street. Whether it is a version design, or a fabric quality, it is really very careful! It is also a very worthwhile casual pants! Handsome, please try it.