How does the door lock color match? Details are doing, the decoration will be more perfect


The more delicate renovation, the more you want to deduce the details, only the details are done, the decoration effect will be more beautiful! The door lock is an inconspicuous detail in the interior design. Further, affecting the integration of space. Then, the interior door locks these details, how can it match to make a more beautiful effect? Let’s talk about the matching design of the door lock.

1, door lock style and style match

The style of different door locks, there is a certain impact on different styles of decoration details, here, let’s introduce common door locks:

1 straight handle:

The door lock of the straight line handle is relatively straight, the effect is relatively simple, suitable for decoration design relative to comparative modern style.

▲ straight door lock handle.

2 streamline handle:

The door lock appearance of the streamline handle will have a certain arc line, there will be a unique line aesthetic, the effect is relatively elegant, suitable for decoration style with a more obvious design of European, classical and other design lines.


▲ Flow line lock handle.

3 integrated lock:

The door lock is integrated with the lock body. This door lock is a classic style. The entire lock body looks relatively large, especially some volume of vintage door locks, the overall impact on space is more obvious.

▲ One door lock.

4 split lock:

The door is designed to the lock hole split, which is relatively simple in the door lock. The exemption is the handle and the lock body, and the middle is left blank to keep the wooden door material. This door lock can maximize the style of the retaining door. Weaked the existence of the door lock.

▲ split door lock.

2, how does the door lock color choose?

In addition to the door lock style, the color of the door lock itself, the impact on the style of the decoration will be more obvious, the common door lock color in the market has silver, black and gold, here to introduce:

1 silver door lock


Silver is a comparative routine door lock color, this is the color of the metal itself. The most common door lock in the past is silver. Because everyone is used to the silver door lock, no matter what the decoration style, unless the style is unique, otherwise silver The door lock can be matched.

▲ Silver door lock is more common.


2 black door lock

Black in modern renovation is a comparative front-garde fashion color, like door frame, skirting and bathroom hardware, black is relatively common, put the door lock to black, coordinated with the overall space, this decoration effect Will be more beautiful.

▲ Black door lock compares modern fashion.


3 gold door lock


The golden door lock appearance is more expensive, high-quality, like a light luxury style, European style and other commonly renovated golden elements, the golden door lock can also echoes the overall space of soft, improve space.


▲ Golden door lock is more delicate and delicate.

3, how to match the door lock?

How to match the color of the door lock? Let’s share several reference points:

1 spatial style

According to the overall decoration style of the space, it is the most appropriate choice, so that the door lock details are also consistent with the overall space, so that the space style is more harmonious and superior.

▲ Select the lock according to the spatial style.


2 door frame color

The door is usually consistent with the color of the skirt line, and now many people like to use black skirt lines, then when the door frame is black, the door lock also chooses black, then the integration of the overall door and space will be more obvious. The door lock looks more harmonious.


▲ Black door frame with black door lock is more harmonious.

3 room color

Common room color has gray, white with wood, general gray door locks, white rooms can be selected according to space styles, the wooden door is a black or gold door lock, Of course, these are for reference only, and you need comprehensive conditions such as spatial style.

▲ According to the door color election lock: There is a golden line on the door, and the gold door lock is more beautiful.


The style, color and choice of the door lock is some of my experience and perspectives, and you can refer to the reference. If you have any good ideas, you can also share it in the review area!