“Chicken Rib” down vest, who is still wearing?


There are always some “magic” items in the clothing industry, such as “down vest”, ready today.


As a single product that can only be partially warm, some people feel practical, and some people feel that they can’t have a chicken.

Personally, the down vest has a certain use in the days that the morning and evening has a large temperature difference, and it is relatively simple, and you want to try a new style of friends can consider.


Next, let’s take a look at how this magic item can be taught!


Small Tips:


Since the colorful vest is relatively easy to be old, it is recommended to try to choose solid color when choice, and the overall match should be considered in a harmonious direction of color, so that the whole can give people pleasing feelings.

Match the wakes necessary sweater

In order to build a level, sweaters generally use a shirt as a bottoming, and on the color of the sweater, you can choose the same color (line) of the vest, so that the overall appearance is clearer.

↓↓ 全 全 两 两 两 两 两,,,,,,,,,,,

The sweater choosing this fine stripe will appear more mature, and the shoes choose from the colors of vest as a echo, enhanced integrity.

Change to light colored thin striped sweater will be younger and some:


I don’t know what colors of the vest chooses, you can consider the gray, leisure and light business style, and the utilization rate is higher.


The sweater jacket can also be taken, and the layers will be more abundant:

With casual sweater


Sweats is actually quite good, used to match all kinds of jackets, but it is easy to blook up, but it is used to match the vest. The characteristics of the vest have no sleeves make it very sufficient, and a thick sweater is not uncomfortable.


This is coming out to be a relatively sexual casual match, and it is also very suitable to go out.

If you don’t have a simple trousers to take casual shoes, it is very colorful.

If you think this is too much in the style, you can also match the jeans and boots, add a little official.

Water-never lattice shirt

Plaid shirt + down vest is more suitable for the weather in the south, and it is very light and it will not exaggerate.

If you are afraid of cold, you can replace a thickened plaid jacket, which is more winter feelings.

It can be said to be very typeless with boots:

Add a denim coat outside the plaid shirt, it is also a very good solution.

In the previous issue, we have talked to the cowboy coat. It is actually very good, but it is relatively un practical:


This fashionable, no one is there?


With the vest jacket, there will be no such trouble. After matching, there is still enough event space, so this is not a good choice.


In addition to mentioning these common matchs, some people like to take the vest outside the suit:


All in all, or that, the method of matching is endless, try more to innovate, in order to take advantage of the clothes in the wardrobe.


Pay attention to me, share more and dry goods for you.