Chinese man, don’t know how to wear sports pants! These 9 men’s trousers enhance your model


Personality jackets and the latest sneakers will always be the most desirable items of men, but don’t let these things blind eyes, a suitable men’s trousers may be you wear the lowest tuning but very much influence.

Many Chinese men will more tend to choose high-efficiency sports feet shorts, and once this is, you will find that there are other more matching, and you will always start.

There are some silent men’s trousers that you may not have to pay attention to it, but you should absolutely consider.

1: Winner

The corduroy is one of the most unprofitable materials in men’s style. It used to be a patent of academic people, but now wear it, it can be an indispensable pants. The men’s clothing in the 1970s is now reviving, so it is now the best time.


The corduroy is composed of weaving, twisted cotton or wool, forming a parallel line texture (called “Wales”). Among them, wool is one of the most durable, but they may be a bit hot, so it is best to leave them to cold.


In contrast, the corduroy is very brilliant when the cord velvet is in the leisure, with a dark corduroy pants with a sweatshirt and a pair of practical leather sneakers.


In the party season, this striped fabric is also very good, adding a slice of personality to a more formal dress. Slim tailored cordurvess suit and monk shoes are a great partner, but don’t hibbue it.


2: Wool trousers

Wool men’s trousers are the favorite of fashion bloggers and art director in the world. Whether it is with other custom single products or to create a leisure dress, wool trousers are perfect, have been the middle of the industry in the industry for many years – their popularity The degree is not signs of weakening.

This pants are also very good looking in a more traditional way. To get a wearing a look, you can go to Pitti Uomo (the world’s largest men’s exhibition) to see, there is often a pair of Bollock shoes, Derby shoes or Monk shoes.


3: Twill

If you want to show your retro male temperament, a good twill card is, high quality craftsomely integrate reliability and fashion, both cool and wearing.


Scrop cotton is a traditional material, which is cut by a thick cotton fabric. After weaving, a surface is formed by parallel, each wear is described in a story – even if you just wear it in the office building, but It still makes you look


More mature and tradition.


Strictly speaking, this style is still casual pants, so you can match a pair of casual shoes (such as any shoes with contrastic Vibram sole), t-shirt or sweater, and a coat or denim jacket, make a relaxed cool Get off work.

4: Linen trousers

Not long ago, the linen trousers is still a humid deformity lane trousers, and there is no seat in the style of modern man and the wardrobe.


Fortunately, designers have made a lot of work in recent years to revive them. Uncompletely cut, replaced by the cone, modern leg lines, so that every body is more perfect. Linen mixed fabric makes them more practical, not easy to wrink, and still refresh as in the past.

Try to use them as part of the linen suit, creating a neat old school atmosphere, but more modern wear is

Nine-part, with sneakers and plain t-shirts.

5: Sketching pants


If you don’t want to be too exaggerated, the drawstring men’s trousers are the best things in the men’s clothing in ten years. The previous drawstring and elastic belt are only limited to sportswear, usually considered to be lazy signs.

Today, the draw tongs are tailored, the materials are more, and wool and linen provide the best choice. Once you feel how comfortable, you will never look back.

6: Ultra-thin feet


Combined with jogger “I feel that I have nothing to do”, they are the same in the office or gym, which is a rare example of fashion and function to join hands for greater interests.


But more and more people seem to forget it or have sports equipment, and have been updated, from Nike to Lululemon, if you wear it, we recommend letting the street costumes continue, match Palace, Stussy, etc. Brand logo T-shirt and low-key running shoes, if you don’t want to wear superhoot, we put on a new pair of new white lace sneakers, then wear a piece (ironless) Oxford shirt, let yourself look more Sharp.


7: nine pants

Nine pants is a good way to add fun to the exhaustion, show an ankle or show your men’s brock, in addition to let your shoes have a chance to show, accurate cropping has highlighted your walking lines.

However, the correct length is critical. Unless they are very fit, I will go to the tailor store to receive professional recommendations, and the ankle is more than three to four inches.

Nine pants is suitable for official occasions and after get off work, although you are in a safe place. Short twill cotton materials can be placed on weekends with white shirts, high-grade suede short jackets and white sports casual sneakers. At the same time, in more formal occasions, black nine pants with gray suit jackets, is the ideal choice for a relaxed business leisure office.

8: Doing pants

Workwear has a long military history, now they return in a more fashionable way.


The key to doing a good men’s trousers is to make sure they find a balance between the slim and wide large, so the body is tailored. Although there is a large pocket design, in the current situation, the simple line is better than practical, so let them be empty.


Standard khaki, green can be very good with any clothes of Navy, so you can consider a tool coat to match the weekend dress. At the same time, you can try a modern black dress pants, and then match a white Oxford shirt, gray sweatshirt and a blue coat, which looks more smart.


9: French pleated trousers

Pleples are not long-lasting men’s details, this is a designed design because of comfort and non-airsty, however, in this era of loose and oversized tailoring, comfort is no longer a derogatory word. The pleated pants began to popular, now it is time to put them in your wardrobe.

When you spend 10 years to force your legs to put on jeans like sausage shadows, wear a loose dress seems a bit awesome. The trick here is balanced between fit and breathable to refresh comfort and tapered tailoring to achieve the best results.

In terms of style, stick to loose jackets, and take the white T-shirt clear level. A collar shirt plug in the pants is also very good. As for the shoes, stick to the derbrow boots, Brock shoes, or, if you like to take risks, wear white canvas sneakers.

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