Handsome boys and pry axes knit, very simple, with simple tutorial


This year’s third work, a small vest before the previous hook feels not suitable for our small handsome pot, huh, hurt, dismantled, old line utilization, achieved this self-feeling, suitable for boy wearingPaler, above

Thank you for your love, because I woow some time, the detailed process can’t be written, sorry.

Both the front and rear sheets are used to use the push pin,


Wire: 10 shares of cotton wire

Next: 36-pin left front, 1 row, the second line is started, the left is pushed 2-2-11, the right side retire the needle 2-1-14, the right front front retracted pin number is called.

After the needle, the needle is 69 needles, weaving 1 line needle, the second line began to wore flowers, 33 needles in the middle, the left and right sheets 2-5-2, 2-4-2.

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