Do not disturb, 4 perfumes that stay incense


When your friend see you, you must first see you to smell your taste. The fragrance must not be introduced to you. More importantly, the spray water is to please yourself, if you even I can’t hear it, then I feel that the spray is lost.

Today, come with you some ways to make a long-term time and the recent new discovery.

Sometimes I bought the fragrance of the perfume is short, and it is very likely that you spray.

Never spray the perfume to your neck and V word area

These two areas are exposed to ultraviolet rays, 80-90% of perfumes are alcohol, you have long sprayed to cause dry peeling or even long neck. Best area?


If your favorite perfume is very light, but unfortunately, the time is very short, like five steps. Don’t worry.

Remember that you don’t want to spray a big area, you need to set the fragrance to a certain point, such as spraying at the elbow, the nozzle is as close as possible, smashed a few times. This smell will be very long!!!

Don’t spray incense on your wrist, this is a mistake of most people.

Because we have to work in work, we will seriously damage the texture of the aroma with the desktop or keyboard.

It is recommended that you spray in the inside of the elbow, this area is nothing any action will rub it, and the fragrance will slowly push this fragrance as your arm will slowly, so you can experience the smell of perfume.

And this place has a certain distance from your nose, and it will not block this fragrance because you smell this scent.


The ear can be sprayed because it will slowly spread the fragrance as your movement moves.

Or if you only want yourself, you will spray it on the clothes, such as shoulders. Or very close gathering on your shoulder on a certain point, you will create a atmosphere to create a atmosphere. .

There is also a place very suitable for spraying water, few people know that it is the gapy of the clavicle.

This place is very thin but the body temperature is very high. It will help the aroma to spread, but there is a little risk is that it is close to our nose, and you can shield this scent.

If you like to wear a skirt in the summer, you can

Touch the inside of the knee

With your walking, you will not stop the flavor. And the taste is very gentle.

If you are long hair, you can spray yourself on your hair.

But remember that it is not a mad spray, it is

Spray it on the comb, wait for the above alcohol to volatilize


Because alcohol will damage the hair. Let the hair get a hair, wait for the volatilization to comb, you will find that the fragrance is very very very lasting on the hair. Or you buy a spray directly, it is a water base without alcohol, You can get rid of yourself without hidden dangers.

The last TIPS,

If you want to spray on the skin, you can reverse the order, first spray the water and then use moisturizer.

Because the moisturizer is equivalent to a layer of plastic wrap, it will close the fragrance, so that it will stay more than a long time.

Mastering a long-lasting spray, then look at what delicious, which delicious lasting, long time to leave, more than a new perfume for a long time.

尔马 香水 喷 晚 香香


Its name Carnal Flower is directly ill, but this evening Xiang Yu seems to be very unheard, but the queen is full.

It is not sweet, it is not even how much milk. Its taste has a significant large flower jasmine shadow – aggressive indole. The vigorous indole is “noisy” in your nasal cavity, and you can even make the olive nerve slice acid. But this also makes it more integrity, more personality, rather than presents the “breast fat hip”, “cream cake”, “milk cake”, “cream cake”, “warm and sweet”, “Wen Yizhen”


Use a pair of pictures to describe: Under the cover of the lush green leaves, the white evening incense is hot and vigorous, and it is grand and proud.

Also, the fragrance and diffusion are real burdow, it is a quenteen of the evening jade.

Tom ford midnight orchid

Opening is quite domineering, is the taste of the root root, plus dark chocolate and patchouli, Patchouza itself has the taste of the soil, and it is a bitter. Plus the vanilla is a bitter taste. Appendicate is a warm orchid Very big woman tastes.

How can there be such a bold taste, spraying it, you have a self-confident female power.

Moreover, and!! This kind of fragrance is the explosion level, which is about 12 hours, staying incense for two days and two nights. Easy.

But it is not suitable for commutex, a little too much, and you need to pay attention to the case.

Chanel blue flavor

Be sure to buy a Parfum version, the beast level is fragrant. It is simply a soul. Very long lasting. Saturday you wear it to Die to Monday, you go to work or this taste !!!

It is an elegant and unconscious fragrance. There is a lavender + lemon skin + sandalwood in it. It is a good slag, so it is very picked, not suitable for pendant The programmer of the shirt is not suitable for college students who have just come to society.

The elegant rouge of the Chanel soup, creating a woolen atmosphere, the good thing you wear is a son, wearing the second dimming welder.

Guerlain Honolulu Middle East Desert Series

Very wonderful, this price is less than quality, very cost-effective.

I am talking here, this only spurting a top three days, spraying two down three months. Spray three chicken dogs.

It is very very rich, this is just ebony rose. If you like the ancestral velvet rose with ebony, you will like this.

It is not so sweet, and there are fruitful tastes to bring a bright jump for the whole smell.

The bottle is also very textured.

Is the people in Taiwan really old?

Double 11 will buy things you ask for it !!!