The most casual dress, polo shirt


Speaking of a polo shirt, it is a great partner for urban new values. Style classic, status and white T have a fight! From the ancient sports ground into the fashion circle, become a vibrant single product of the man, fully showing its charm of it.

Polo shirt is also called tennis shirts, poliot and golf shirts, which have a dense relationship with these sports.


At the end of the 19th century, tennis, are considered to be a top society, have a certain requirement in the installation rules: “Tennis need to wear long-sleeved shirts and hibbed, and put it with flannel trousers.”


The last emperor is playing tennis

Gradually, tennis movement from the party’s leisure towards the development of professional movement, the event is increasingly fierce, and the shirt wearing the athlete has affected the player.


So, the French tennis champion Rene Lacoste has improved clothes. The tennis shirt that sets it in accordance with him.

Rene Lacoste on the left


This tennis sweater is based on the idea of ​​the poliot. It uses the lapel design. There are three buttons with three buttons, the side forks and the short-term short-term hem, and the trousers do not run in the exercise, forming the first edition POLO Sweeping shirt: It is convenient for vigorous exercise, and there is no elegance of the nobles.

Because the polo shirt is convenient and the elegant attribute of the aristocratic, it quickly spreads to other noble movements, such as golf.

In the 1950s, the upper people represented by the president of the United States in the last century were very keen on the POLO shirt, so the polo shirt has also become a golf tactile.


After this photo is released, the US POLO shirt sells an empty.

However, it is certain that the US president of golf is certainly can’t forget this.


After that, polo shirts have evolved, but basically adopt the original foundation and adapted to many sports projects.


With the rise of technology companies, more and more corporate offices, informal dress, men do not need to wear shirts, vests, suits in the company. Polo shirt is formal because there is a collar, and it is an approved informal social situation, it has become a lot of new technology enterprises. Later, the polo shirt gradually became a casual product of civilians, and slowly walked on the way of fashion.

But don’t look at the polo shirt, you can do it, it is not easy.

Many European and American tides will work a polo shirt as a wardrobe base, which can’t be “dry” with its born noble temperament. In sports, it is active; in business leisure, it is noble and elegant, and the gentleman is gentleman.


Business occasion

The calm dark-columer is easier to help you show business elite fields, while silkworms and other materials have natural gloss, feel delicate, soft fabrics, more high-level sense of quality and high-level feelings, add points for you.

Choose a featured lightweight trousers that can show your business mature male temperament, enjoy the men’s hormones ~


2. Casual

For men who want to be a little, you can choose a white polo shirt. These colors are more refreshing, the color is inquiry, and the error rate is low. Gray, beige, khaki and other casual pants can be included and create a new style of urban.

3. Campaign

The popular fabric of the polo shirt is the bead fabric, which has obvious texture, unique hole structure to absorb the fabric to moisture, and stronger sweat resistance. Therefore, it is more in line with the requirements of functionality and comfort.

The color can be selected from the color, that is, the color is relatively bright, such as a blue color, orange, etc. Match a sports shorts, vitality!

4. Tide people wear


If you think the above match is too basic, it is not enough to show your personality, so recently the “superimposed”, you can meet you.


As the name suggests, the superimposed method is to overlay two clothes. Take a t-shirt in the polo shirt, freely unwind the button, show the neckline and hem of the T-shirt. Not only is the level of level, but also more energetic.

More stronger than the T-shirt, more divided into a small shirt. This summer, POLO is the choice of many menischers, will you control it?