Jingdong Society Winter Brand Rankings


As parenting methods began to change from “extensive parenting” to “refined parenting”, more and more parents have begun to pay attention to the choice of children ‘s papers. However, the current market is dazzling, many parents look at the eyes for this. Don’t worry, Xiaobian is here to recommend a trusted brand, which is Dr. Jiang’s healthy shoes. Recently, the brand also successfully ranked among the Yangtze Stewards in Beijing.

Guardian baby learning step shoes require more

Learning shoes is an indispensable equipment on your baby’s learning road, which has high requirements in its performance. It requires manufacturers to have a deep understanding of children’s foot development, skeletal development, etc., and wealth of shoes, materials, quality standards, design, etc. Countergels for R & D, requires a function of stable, supporting an ankle, shock absorption, and steady walking.

As a healthy shoes in the children’s shoes industry, since its inception, we have deep cultivated in the field of children’s footprint, and the foot development needs to be launched for each age layer of children’s foot development needs to launch the corresponding functional concept products. Whether it is a pedestrian or children’s shoes. It has become the quality options in the hearts of parents. In 2021, Dr. Jiangzhi Shoes also selected the choice of orange list of children’s oranges, and squeezed into the list of “annual popular children’s children’s shoes” list. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Jiang has been played for many years.

京东学步冬品牌排行榜 江博士健康鞋榜上有名

Dr. Jiang segmentation design Scholars to meet your baby’s tutaneous feature

Dr. Jiang’s learning should be unanimously affirmed by mothers, the most critical point is that it has a scientific segmentation design. Dr. Jiang, “BB Top 123” series, according to the diced tutaneous characteristics of the baby, subdivilize the pedestrian shoes into baby step shoes (suitable for about 8-15 months), children’s chop (suitable for about 16 months – 3 years old), children steadily shoes (suitable for about 2-4 years old).

京东学步冬品牌排行榜 江博士健康鞋榜上有名

Among them, the baby’s front shoes use the barefoot concept design, with ultra-thin soles, can help the baby exercise the foot nerves, stimulate small feet grip, exercise the balance; children’s toddler shoes have before, and can help the baby more Good start; children steady shoes are designed with three-dimensional protection, not only with a mild foot-headed mat, but also with a hard and comfortable front. Among them, the mild foot-headed mat can bear the team, relieve the fatigue of walking and sports; hardening the follow-up, can control the flying flange, comfortable front, suitable for fat and thin, lifting experience .

As a small partner with your baby’s education, the choice of todded shoes cannot be sloppy. Mom and Dad come to Jiangjiang Dr. Health Shoes to buy a suitable shoe for the baby.