Men’s spring clothes don’t have to be too much, wear these classic single products, exquisite and fashionable


In the face of the spring, the temperament will always encounter a lot of trouble, always feel that many clothes are not worn, in fact, in this quarter, the single item in the men’s closet does not need a lot, using good classic models It will be free to respond.


It is worth learning from the blogger (NVMimvn), and he is very perfect, like a white T, shirt, suit, tooling jacket and high wags. These items are very suitable for spring.

Every time I mention some classic items, many partners will think that the shape is difficult to wear fashionable or new, and actually wear these items, and can show personal clothes, in the style of the blogger. I saw delicate and fashionable charm.

1, universal white T must be prepared

After entering the spring, a simple and wild white t will be ready. It makes your shape easier and fashionable, no matter whether it is used to do it or inner, the shape can create a fashionable style.

Choose white t in spring, gravity can be slightly larger, so that it can deal with changes in temperature differences, but also take care of the thick shape, so that the overall effect becomes more.

White T can be said to be a must-have item in spring and summer. For men, we can show the charm of the concise atmosphere in a white t, and it is not picking people, no matter what the body can be controlled.


With the existence of white t, there are many choices of trousers, no matter what style, the effect of the shape is not too bad.


2, the simple shirt can be very fashionable

For spring, the shirt is also a very practical single product, and the performance of the shirt can also be strong, and the shape is enriched through the styles.


The blogger uses a simple white shirt, with a military green dress, the shape is very whole, and it is very comprehensive, and there is also a full literary trendy fan.

With a piece of jeans, the styling of the styling shirt, the style of the style, such a style is more tough, and there is exquisite charm in the rough.


3, use a suit to create a casual fashion style


The suit is a very classic single product, and the spring is very very taking, and it is comfortable to wear. However, when wearing a suit everyday, avoid being too formal serious, otherwise the model will appear not necessarily, so it can be close to the direction of the casual fashion.

When wearing, the suit and trousers do not appear, can use the upper and lower color matching methods, and the T-shirt and polo shirt are good choices, which is the same as elegant gentleman.

It is a very classic combination of jeans in a suit, which is very suitable for some workplace men, a calm fashion, jeans’s leisure fashion, both of which are no sense, plus the whole hat, belt and shoes, let The shape is exquisite.


4, thin shelf jacket is very man taste

In many jackets in the fashion circle, thin shelters will be more eye-catching in the spring, and the style designed by thin section is very suitable for spring wearing, plus some classic tooling elements, letting shape trend.

Short tool jackets with a straight casual trousers, this kind of “upper and simple” matching effect makes the shape look hipster, very suitable for small children.


When used in military uniforms or tooling pants, the style of the retro trend is more clear and strong, but also catering the trend of the current work style, showing its own fashion attitude.

Similarly, the denim jacket is also one of the tooling jackets. It is always the first choice for the fashion circle. This classic fashionable jacket will not be “how to step on the thunder”.

5, optimize your body with high wagles


It is also suitable for the “waist line” in the shape of the spring, but the lumbar line is not friendly for men that are not good for the body, but will expose the shortcomings of the body. At this time, choose a high waist version of the trousers. It is necessary to optimize the proportion of the body well.


The easiest way to match the high waist pants is the combination of T-shirts, stylish and fashionable, then revealing the waistline can also wear the passage of the long legs.


Of course, you can also show the waist line when wearing a jacket, which shape is not only atmospheric, but also makes the overall visual effect be more prosperous. Therefore, there is not much men with thinking in the spring, and the classic single items of the blogger can try, and the effects that wear will not be too bad.

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