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sports shoes


Sneakers in recent years can be described as a wind and water, its simple circular shoe structure creates a comfortable and comfortable dress.


Classic black attached to the flywear fabric more hierarchy, soft texture made floating to the sports stadium. The detail of the red stripe is in just the advantage, breaking the tranquility of the black, unreally, eye-catching design awakens the trend of sports shoes.


As a sports shoes that meet the autumn, the concise and comfortable structure is designed, and the classic and comfortable appearance is made to lay the foundation for the comfortable sports.



Old shoes

The upper, the previous casual old shoes, the personality is cool, so that the whole of the overall future is more intensified, bold color collision design, give a different visual experience, the bottom extension package anti-collision shoes, upper structure prevention Strong impact of outdoor sports, protect your feet more deeply. There is also a glue design at the interface, there is a certain waterproof and antifouling performance, adding rich and exquisite craftsmanship and retro charm.

It looks more clean in color, using a single color to make it easy to show a non-simple style.

With high-quality elastic laces, better fit, high-quality rubber large-scale production process, make the overall weight of the rubber large bottom, cooperate with the displacement of anti-skid lines, catch the ground force is better, plasticity intensive .


High-top shoes


In terms of version, the classic high help is used. This version itself has extremely high foot performance, which can easily guarantee the safety of the ankle in the movement, and also achieve excellent warmth effects, prevent The cold wind is invaded by the foot.

For a pair of sneakers, in addition to the design, there is also a very high demand in terms of performance. In order to make the wearer more comfortable, it is made of dermis on the material. This material itself is relatively soft and does not cause any interference to the movement. The sole uses thickening elastic rubber to make it, which can function and effectively reduce the fatigue of the foot.



High-top basketball shoes

Super Fan children’s high-top basketball shoes, the joining of magic paste elements, further improves the foot-type heel, which plays a protective role in the ankle to prevent loss of ankles during exercise.

The cool shoe body shape, extremely eye-catching tape design, with three-dimensional feelings in front of the eyes, fashionable explosion. Classic pure white selection, refreshing colors have a wild attribute in clothing, more worry-free.


The upper is a modern embossed skin fabric, with smooth texture, delicate touch, extremely high quality, and excellent performance in breathable, heat-dissipating perseverance to improve the overall inquiry.




Contrast color basketball shoes

Feet on a pair of handsome basketball shoes, can let people run confidently on the court, enjoy the sweat, and fully feel the thrill of sports. Classic and simple shoe-type design, smooth footwear becomes its synonym, tapered.

The elastic basketball sole can make a good cushioning buffer effect, fully show the wearer’s strength on the stadium with a large exercise.

The upper is made of high-quality smooth shelf material, the fabric texture clearly highlights the male temperament; and the microfiber is added to the same, the fabric is delicate and soft, wearing a feeling of comfort.



Mesh sports shoes

The overall use of color is more beautiful, with distinct colors outline the melody. The upper is retaining the blue tone of the sun, highlighting from the convention, adding a visual level.


It uses a conventional lace to close, which has higher stability when moving.


Vintage shoes

The retro hundred shoe body design, the shape is very tension, and the street is tidy, and the personality style. Simple fashion color, black and white models are very classic, create a full simple sports style.

Outstanding elastic thickness, the feet is very comfortable, bringing a comfortable foot experience to the feet, and the design is beautiful and practical.

The upper color of the upper, non-black, white color, adds fashion charm to its design. The overall rough rendering is based on its thickened sole, to create a cool hoe shape, and the foot is very eye-catching. The classic lace is closed, with the design of the creative strap, the shoes are more footed, and the overall spatial style is also shown.



Sports and casual shoes


The overall version of the leather cortical fabric, after pure black irrigation, there is a bit of a few points of tidal, and the magic paste detail design it uses will make the shoes more trend retro, let the shoes look more Holique and fashionable. This invisible adds an elegant and handsome beauty of the shoes.

Working with the rust-resistant wrinkle process, which makes the upper shoes of the shoes more smooth and wear.

Leather has more excellent softness, bringing a more comfortable wearing experience. The sole is selected for a long-lasting rubber material, light and slipped characteristics, which is convenient for sports.

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It looks more clean in color, using a single color to make it easy to show a non-simple style.