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Emergency look! Viduing a boost

Yesterday, a foundation of the relatives affected the hearts of many citizens: The Municipal Public Security Bureau North Lake Police Station found a disappearing boy at Gu Gang Village, North Lake Scenic Area in Yangshan New District on November 16. After all parties spread and found, the clues about the children’s family have not yet found. After the boy was discovered, the North Lake Police Station was sent to the city’s minor protection center care. In the case of being able to find a family, he was escorted from the city’s minor protection center staff to the city of children’s welfare. At present, the work of all parties to find a relative is continuing.

The picture shows the happiness of the boy.


The reporter learned from the Municipal Minors Protection Center yesterday morning that the child is 4 years old. After comprehensive medical examination, the body is in good condition. Child elliptical face, single eyelid, flat head, height is 1 meter. When I lost, I wore black leather (with white fur collar), wearing a striped sweater, under the blue white plaid trousers, my foot wearing a black and white sports shoes.

Zhou Yiyong, director of the North Lake Police Station, told reporters that after the child’s post-police station, the police station will communicate with the child after soothing the child. The child shows that he is called Zhou Cheng (sound), his father is called Zhou Xu (sound). After communicating with your child, the system information query cannot be associated with relevant identity information due to detailed authentication information such as relatives and home addresses. Because the child has not been handled by an ID card, the portrait is not possible. “At present, we have collected the blood of the child, and hoped to find the child’s family through the DNA comparison. At the same time, we have launched the masses to find a relative for the children.” Zhou Yiyong said, as long as there is a hoping hope, exhausting everything, also To find your family for your child.

In order to comfort the child’s emotions, the staff, medical staff and minor protection center staff have purchased milk, cakes, toys, etc., giving children to their children, and the child’s mood is eased. Enthusiastic citizens have forwarded the search news and hope to go to the child as soon as possible.

The reporter then learned from the City Children’s Welfare Institute that the child is currently in the body and mental conditions. At the time of prevention and control of the epidemic, the management requirements of the city children’s welfare institutions, the child has now entered the isolation zone after registration. Before the child found a relatives, they will be carefully taken care of the city children’s welfare.

As of the press, the reporter is still going on for the child. I hope that the readers who know their parents or relatives are in contact with the police or Xinyang City’s Not Adult Protection Center to help children go home as soon as possible. Tel: 0376-3717009.

Text / Xinyang Daily Full Media Reporter Li Yunyun


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