British style quilted jacket / coat men’s clothing, fried


Ravenham’s hooded quilted jacket highlights the British wind


British leading quilted jacket brand “Lavenham”. In 1969, the Queen of Elizabeth was founded by Mrs. Elliot, and her nylon quilted rustar quickly spread through the UK. It is a horse riding fan who wants to wear her love to wear the same jacket. Quilted jackets are developed. This hoodie combines Ravenham’s hooded quilting jacket “Claydon”, blue sweater and slender Great Rousers, creating an elegant British wind look. The dignity of an adult is brewing in an uncomfortable cooperation.


Mr. Domenico Jean-Frate, PT01, is wearing a hound top, with a beautiful casual leisure pants, practicing!

The director of the PT01 Domenico Jean-Frate is in a quilted jacket, with a strong outdoor style, as a hunting and horse riding jacket, in a candidate atmosphere. In addition to match the beautiful dress of PT01 and elegant sling boots, wear a naval, a naval mood. The modern tightening technology is also an arrow by laminating black high-neck sweatshirts internally.


Because it is a quilted jacket, it can also be used in use!

Compared to the down jacket, the down jacket is large, there is excellent cold resistance, and the reduced volume of quilted jacket is also easy to use as underwear. Due to its shape, it can be superimposed, not droud, not fluffy, hardly worry about damage to the contour of the coat. This body is like a honest, even if it is matched with a round collar, you can feel the external breath.

Match the hooded quilting jacket with a blue denim, add a contrast of the distinctive crowd.

If you want to add a hint of yang for your black hooded quilting, use the indigo cowboy jacket as a nice choice. Black Denijake can be buried in a black quilted coat, so if you want to stick to the rough breath, don’t hesitate, choose Indigo Denijake. The clothing is more attractive by using nylon and denim as a material and black and blue as a color.


Drawing the Navy Blue and combined with the camouflage pattern of the quilted jacket and has a highly uniform man costume.

Is the camouflage quilting jacket? If you are worried, please refer to this dress. If the color on the camouflage quilting jacket is matched with other items, the inner wearing a well is a bar well, and it is not a harsh. The coordinates picked up here are summarized in the naval blue color, which is built with a camouflage quilted jacket. You can’t miss the spices of red sneakers in a hurry.

Combine Babour quiltum jackets and suits to add British customs for your winter business style.

As the spokesperson of the British royal family, Barbour has been highly respected not only because of its waterproof and durable wax jacket. The appearance of authentic British style is extraordinarily matched with business suit. Of course, the exquisite length of hiding the upper premium is also an important point in business people who can’t miss!


Full black handsome quilted jacket men’s clothing

This is a casual dress combined with black tight jeans and ankle boots, as well as quilted jackets with ribbed design similar to MA-1. The subtle differences of uploading and down give it a distinct look, avoiding the typical monotonous monoculation of all black costumes and gives it aptior in an appearance.

Switching the quilted jacket, will not make you feel monotonous


The amount of quilted jackets that are capped and sleeves will change the impression of quilting, often look monotonous. Even just a simple look of the combination, there is no doubt that will give a new impression.

Classic Babour quilted jackets have complement with gray casual pants to create a model.

In the classic jacket of Babour, if the representative of the rough wax jacket is “Bedale”, the representative of the quilted jacket is definitely “liddesdale”. This dress combines the olive green Lizdale and gray casual pants, which makes it look like an adult’s face. Gray scarf plus high collar, fluffy looks no good looking atmosphere, the two buttons below are relaxed.


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