The trend does not hit the paragraph, GUDI, spring and autumn men’s bag recommended


Recently, I have a problem, I am very fashionable, but why I feel that I have taken pictures of the streets of the tide, but I can’t understand it. Later, I found that when I was shooting a personal street, I would always be a Messenger bag.

新潮不撞款 ▎ GUDI ▎春秋男包推荐

I used to neglect the strength of the accessories. I often open the bag with the popularity. Since I have this Messenger bag, I went out, I didn’t fall, from now on, the boys should also face it. Next, let it take you to play the street trend ~

❶ Powerful function, refuse mediocrity

A little friend’s preferred Messenger bag, low-profile introvert, high-end atmosphere, always show the style of fashion men, giving people an uncomfortable impression, although its appearance looks mini, but some belongs, It can also easily accommodate, detachable purse, can be kept, bus card, etc., simple and clear, make small object access to more convenient.

❷ Waterproof fabric, high-grade comfort

A high-quality fabric of Messenger bag not only improves personal temperament, but also makes you stand out among everyone, reflecting your charm. It is carefully built with a texture soft new material fabric, not only touching comfort, easy to manage, but also more waterproof and wear. The entire bag has a texture hardware to create, thick hardware buckle, not only load gravity, but also very beautiful and durable, enhance the value of the bag, let you travel, there is no burden, showing fashion.

新潮不撞款 ▎ GUDI ▎春秋男包推荐

❸ fashion simple, craftsmanship process

新潮不撞款 ▎ GUDI ▎春秋男包推荐

The Messenger is a minimalist atmosphere in the design style. There is no excessive deflation to decorate, combining the popular fashion style with the light feel. Elegant men, or holiday, fashion boy, a pack to create all images. Express our pursuit of colorful lifestyles and quality. The bag is neat atmosphere, the shape is exquisite, and the type of male is unlunged. The simple appearance of the road is detailed, and the craftsmanship process.

新潮不撞款 ▎ GUDI ▎春秋男包推荐

The design of the package personality pattern is very creative, giving a simple but not dull vision, new technology fabric is soft and skin, capacity can also meet my daily needs, whether it is everyday goal or personal street shooting back it is Very stylish concave type.

新潮不撞款 ▎ GUDI ▎春秋男包推荐

Don’t ignore the details, the sisters may be because this more looks!