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Creative position statement:

The items measured in this paper are purchased at their own expense. If you participate in the activities of Zhang Damist, I will point in the text. Adhering to an independent evaluation point is the basic bottom line of the author’s creation, and will never be biased due to the different sources of goods, please rest assured.

I am a large size, because of the size of the size (47-48), from small to buy shoes difficult, encounter suitable shoes, do not buy, I feel sorry, I have a few more than a dozen pairs of speed, mainly like summer canvas shoes , Winter boots.


Share your own boots in your own boots.


First boots size selection. Most boots are consistent with the size of the leather shoes. It is better than the sneakers, but it is recommended and sneakers to choose the same size. Many boots are slippery and cannot be taken. It is recommended to take a shoe pad, a protecting the original insole, another one can Drash, boots are mostly hard, a pair of good shock absorbers can make the foot comfortable, the insole PEDAG, ECCO, SCHOLL, and Spenco are all good choices, pay attention to Amazon, often have good price.

The picture below is the shoes I have been throwing two batches of old shoes, and the remaining is still wearing.

Medium and low grade (less than 3,000):

Red wing

The red wing is in the work boots, which is equivalent to Rivis in jeans, the retro circle has a sentence: starting from the red wing, ending from the red wing, not black, red wings are the most cost-effective work boots, cost-effective :

1, have history. In 1905, it was established in Minnesota, the central and western United States, and you couldn’t care about its history, but a good brand or more will learn from the red wing;


Red Wings Centennial Memorial Great 877

2, the skin is good. The red wing from the skin processed to the shoe manufacturing is all its own factory. After so many years of test, the quality is stable, and the red-wing carousel is in the water, there is no horse hip, crocodile skin such a luxury leather, but from ordinary Leather stories, with the quality of the big-skin factory such as Horween;


3, quality. Quality is the foundation of work boots, and the red wings have been wearing for so many years. They have never lost chains. The inside of the shoes is completely based on the production process and materials of high-end work boots, and the soles and ostrial are almost;

4, the style is more. The red-wing leather boots are quite a lot, from being installed to the tool, to the pure work protection boots, there is no new year, often have new;

5, the price is moderate. The little white whispering the boots is not well accepted on the price of the red wing, but in the real retro boots, the red wing is normal to low-priced, bought the Carter, Tian Mane to make a contrast player, do not use the work of work. Many explanations.

The red wing is cost-effective, and there is a bad place:


1, control. The red wing has Factory Second, commonly known as a hole, I have bought a pair, I didn’t find a problem, but other normal editions, I bought the belly skin, it is the low skin profit, and it is a common problem of the leather boots. I have seen two Only shoes are asymmetry, there is a shoe asymmetrical, the shoe bar is different, etc. There is also a chance to buy 疵 boots;


The belly skin is prone to big marks, does not affect the wearing and quality, just someone is not suitable.

The square boots are newly bought, and it does not affect the quality, and it will be opened.


Soblaw small hole, this does not endure, can change.

2, sole. The most famous of the red wing is in the white bottom, the people who don’t worry-free boots in white are known, but according to my wear, the red wings are not wear resistant, and the V is actually not wear, but not slippery. Therefore, it is not a shortcomimination that it doesn’t wear it. It also likes to change the bottom. It is not wear-resistant. I changed the 8111 pairs of 8111. I have been wearing it for four or five years. Stick, just want to change to play, so the red wing is still wear-resistant, don’t be scared by the picture of the bottom floor, I don’t know how they wear;

Changed over the bottom 8111, the v is not cheap, it takes more than 500.

Other big harsh is not, it is recommended to wear:


Iron Ranger

Railway workers, 8111 is my first pair of red wings, new update V bottom non-slip, this joint, not the most classic square, but more and mature, 8111 oil skin is very good, it is my most recommended Model, Railways is also my most recommended series.

At present, foreign official website has six models. I like 8111 and 8113 fluffy, and the turning skin is very beautiful. This 329 knife calculates the file. It looks better than the low-key, and the new V bottom is much more durable. Many The official website is currently in front of it.

This pair of boots, I have been worn for seven or eight years, wear the most in winter, I have maintained three or four times, and there is no problem in the old point, the more comfortably traversed. I bought 12EE, too wide, but the pad is shocking in the upper, after buying 11 is not very comfortable, EE can’t see from the appearance, but the internal space will be a lot, the boots laces are tightened. Point packaging is as strong, always tide too narrow.

On the side, it is completely my foot type. I haven’t maintained in two or three years. The leather is invincible. The new boots ass is a straight line. It is like an arc after the feet. This is really a small white. VIBERG, the overall design of high-end leather boots is very in line with the foot, at least it seems to be in line, from I, the red wing needs to be moved for a week, this double after bought, I also grind blood, I have basically needed for each red wing. Run-in, small white and V have no such situation.

The earliest, the most wearing, the highest self-portrait.


Vanson Type B, pants PRPS, the shoe has been grinded, I feel very good, full of vicissitudes of the work boots, some brands are still wiped, I am natural .


Hat, jacket, shirt, pants rrl. This dress is a railway jacket. At that time, it was very beautiful. The clothes were too exaggerated, and they were wearing such a way, just equipped with rail boots.

Suits Schott, Pants POLO, Ball Cold Steel … Look at the corpse and fans to learn Nigen, this pair of shoes have also appeared, the first quarter of Sean.


Coat of ancestral bird, pants polo. I like green, youthful feeling, POLO’s multi-chip pants are touched, and it is not very conforming to the current aesthetics, but is suitable for red wings.

Top CPFM, trousers PRPS, 8111 have been wearing the end of the non-slip bottom.

8111 is really a good look, my 47’s foot looks quite big, but it feels good.


This is also very suitable for girls wear, and bought couple shoes with your wife, she said too hard.


After maintenance, maintenance is actually very simple, the maintenance process itself is also fun, maintenance is maintained by the skin of the boots, easy to dry, I am in Xinjiang, super dry, these double boots are not serious Maintenance, the skin is not bad, I feel that I can fight for ten years (if you still love).

6-Inch Classic Round


Tmall This is called 6-inch classic round head, the US official website is called Rover, this guarantee should be divided into 875, 13 years is not 875 is 9111, and then come out to Iron Ranger, the purchase direction of Chinese people, mainly Article, star upper body and Taobao purchasing decision,.


Rover and 9111 have a little difference, that is, the soles are different, thin, the material is different, it looks more smooth.

This pair of shoes is long, the reason is that the Village is frequent in the Japanese drama, there are a lot of red wings in the wood village. It should be said that the red wing can be on Asian fire, relying on him, the ancient belt is not running.


Casual discount opportunity, I also bought a pair, 9111 uses a mad horse skin feeling, like 1907, not good maintenance, the ordinary shoe oil will become black, the wear will also become black, the leather feelings are dry than Iron Rane, I use Sands soap is washed over oil or dry. Because the 8111 of the previous 12ee felt slightly, this pair bought 11d, a little squeezed, and could not succubate the insole, so there is little wear, the white bottom is slightly elastic, just slightly.


It is too dirty in white, which is less than 8111. It is also washed twice. The skin is more than 8111 dry Bar, it is not good, this kind of skin is like 1907 Suitable for people who are less boots, and people who like to feel old, they are old.

Top vanson leather, domestic naval vest, pants Iron heart.

Douse Fred Perry, Pants Iron Heart.


The STP discounted the red wing, and there is a punched boots. The first time I learned Hai Tao casually bought double. It is about 700, and the blue suede is really unwinding. It is very old.

The shoe type is the same as 9111, but the butt is straight, this double is bought a big code than 9111, the interior space interior is mostly, the lace is easy to open, and it is loosened by a few laces.

It’s not good to match, I haven’t passed it, it may be suitable for hidden people to wear.


Bakerman is a relatively high-end model in the red wing. The price is relatively expensive, advanced leather, like a boots, the inside of the leather boots also has skin lining, the above two are in the inner liner, the shoe is narrow, I bought 12d, not pad The insole is very pinned, and the upper casing is better. The original shoe belt is a wax belt, not durable but low-key, regardless of the shoes in the boots.

Tmall selection

Redwing red wing 9414 tooling boots 6 inch Bellman D head oil wax leather black men’s shoes Martin boots 4,000 yuan to buy

I am a double 9014, a new name 9414, no time to be fled, so very new, the leather is very good, the 3111 thin point.

The non-slip sole, the ice is slippery, the cortex is quite good, and the shoe is also relatively convergent. There is a small disadvantage that there is no hook of the flash lace in 8111, and the lace is troubles.


The red-wing shoe pad is a leather insole, so I recommend buying a big one, my own pad, my 8111 is not a pad, I am a long time, I am sweat, the original insole skin is touched, not Can’t change it, it is very troublesome.


Beckman seems to be very low than other boots.


Borrow a pair of people’s upper body map.


The red wing engineer is a very classic footwear, but the official website at home and abroad has not been sold. I bought this 9268 is a STP’s punching shoes. It is not awkward but I am very tired. It is also my only one. I haven’t tame it. The red wing, starting the back of the foot. There are many boots players in the red wing, and the old boots are more expensive than the new boots. It is difficult to wear shoes, difficult to take off the shoes, and paint it, cautious.


Didn’t wearing a few times, very new, this high boot is the earliest thing to wear, the worker is not burn, not a motorcycle boots.

The side is good, it should be not bad for a long time. I can see that there is a bulk skin density, the shoes are not leather, after all, the price is put, this new material is not very good, play Engineer boots generally do not play new, old has a tea core.


This boots must not wear too long pants, at least to show the hardware to see the appearance, otherwise there is no hardware as old shoes.

Good look, but wearing too tired.

I have a ugly explosion, others are still good.

Classic oxford


Low-to-face Oxford Shoes, this and high help are not just the difference, the square is relatively narrow, the internal full-leg liner, I only one part of the head, too narrow, extremely angle, low-handed E-head comparison Less, it is recommended that if there is a relatively picky person who has worn shoes, it is really narrow.


I have always thought that such shoes and low help, I don’t like it, I bought it, I didn’t pass, when my brain was impulsive.

8-Inch Classic MOC


877 is a dad of 875, is also one of the most classic boots of the red wing. It is too high. It is not convenient to wear, so it is recommended. It is not a retro fan or not to choose, but the characteristics are distinct, and the styling is also a lot of fans. .

This boot can’t make trousers, to cover your trousers.

High-top taste, about 14 years or so, 877, as long as 1200 or so, the next time the network is getting less and less, the audience is less, after all, the style is troubled, the shape is exaggerated.


Classic MOC


877 low-value version, the color is much, the square is the most red wing of the red wing, the square is relatively narrow, the footwise must buy E, the appearance can’t see, more comfortable. Among them, 1907 is a hundred years of commemorative edition, a pair of red-wedneous shoe mats, worth 200, leather and 9111 are similar, can not use general oil maintenance, natural old, lost the thrill of maintaining leather.


In the past few years, the red wing hot boots will be above, others are more free, interested can go to X cat to see. The official website of the domestic and foreign officials is not the same, after all, the aesthetics are different.

最全的男士皮靴推荐,总有一款适合你 to see


From the dismantling diagram of the external network, the cross section looks like a table, the material work is inertile, the medium is softwood, other brands have foam plastic, the famous high-end leather boots Julian actually have shock absorption plastics.




Eating farta is a brand that is more early than the red wing. There is no star belt. There is no fire in China. The history is not bad. At present, the official website is still a film, most of them use V, this is more conscience, but I have seen the evaluation, and the internal use of cloth, what is the cost of the cardboard. The workmanship is similar, from the evaluation and long-lasting trend effect, the effect is general, although the discount will be much cheaper than the red wing, but it is not very cheap, it is recommended to go directly to the red wing.


The official website has a discount in all years, and there is a common low-cost boots in other platforms. If I haven’t remembered the wrong, I have seen more than 600 leather boots, and the budget is low.

Relatively low price, in exchange for the medium, it is necessary to know that mixed materials such as foam is much lower than that of the soft wood, and the C brand is a bit no authentic.



Born in 1932, the advertising word “boots” in the folks, the fire is all the retro circles, outdoor circles, military circles, danner is such a magical brand, not only retro boots, retro hiking boots, modern mountaineering boots There is also a military boots purchased by the US military, which can be described as a man who is worthy of the boots, one of the best boots brands worth buying.

Bull Run

This is a few Danner retro boots, V bottom, similar to the texture of mad horse skin, how long does it take for a feeling of old, this whole style and next to USA standard, understand people know that Danner, The shoe butt is more beautiful than the new red wing, and the comfort is much stronger than the red wing.


Overall, the price of seven or eight hundred is definitely no opponent.

Mountain Light II

This is a pair of eyes, knowing that Danner’s boots, a skin of the upper, the GTX + V bottom-level configuration, you can say that it is functional, you have a style, you need to have a material, it is the man’s style of Danner, the footwear Half-insole, it is recommended to buy big mats.



In addition to pure black, there is a woman’s model, the price gap is relatively large, the color of 1600-2000, the lowest has been 700, only once a few years ago, the following cold door is not below 2000.


Turn a special old feel, there is a unique beauty.



Danner is quite professional in the field of military boots. The following is the most popular one pair, the appearance is domineering, comfortable, and safety. Military boots must pay attention to the summer or winter, with no GTX, don’t picture cheap, buy a summer boots in summer, winter cold.

Good advertisements, it is better to wear the poison of the military, men understand.

There is also done Danner on both sides, there are a lot of X treasures, interested in search.


This is a brand of 1883, main labor insurance shoes, waterproof, steel steel bottom, oil, you can imagine protective it, it is a true affordable US labor insurance shoes.


About five years ago, X Bao has a lot of selling 1000mile stores. The Chinese people have through Xbao, 1000mile is the high-end retro branch line of W, the original price is more expensive, and many styles use the leather. But X treasure is similar to the red wing, which has a lot of goods for the purchase of the red wing, and the 1000mile is in the eyes of the Chinese people’s retro circle. My friend bought a pair, I am very ugly, interested, you can search, the quality is also very general.

The 1000mile configuration and official network map is indeed poisonous, there is Alden’s texture, but it is best to search for the sun before buying, I have seen a few very shocking.




The brand established in 1892 is also a professional labor insurance shoe brand. The main 0 is grinded. It is comfortable to wear. Compared to the red wing, the grade is slightly low, and the price is much lower, and the sky Mail is almost.

Look at the look and the red wings are almost the same, in fact, professional modern labor insurance shoes, grade and CAT, Tian Mail almost.


The brand is the most featured in these years is the short face boots, and other brands are rare.

Hollywood TRADING Company

HTC is a very interesting brand, the boss is a crazy ancient love, who has a lot of old shoes, old skin products, old clothes, I have called Irregular, special to transform the old goods, such as this pair of boots, this The brand’s things are not cheap, the price is much higher than the red wing.


HTC cuts the boots and cuts off the shoe, the lace is replaced, and the boots plus the nail accessories are a pair of new shoes, each pair is different, depending on the old shoes that he receives.

Beckham is born, in the way, his package is also a bag of HTC’s old army, and the foreigners really like to buy old goods.


I can’t buy a pair. The inside of the shoes has been yellow. I wore less than 10 times, the color has become like this, the leather is very poor, I feel the texture of the PU, the suture is a mess, the soles are also unwarmed.

Nail and turquoise are me to find people, this boot style is still a bit characteristic, but wearing and texture, I recommend not particularly love HTC and this style, or don’t bought it.

The upper body is still mixed, I bought it for a few years, I didn’t pass a few times.


Tian Many is doing these brands in domestic marketing. The Tmall shop is from the outside. From the top to the next, the most classic is 10061 large yellow boots, the big yellow boots are also unable to resist each tool. The first level, waterproof, strong, high-profile, comfortable, have to say that the river boots are successful. Tian Mane has been improved technology. All shoes are currently equipped with anti-fatigue shock absorbing insoles. It is also more than 100, and it is still very good.

Not all the big yellow boots are 10061, only this color, the style of the beef tendon is the real big yellow boots, I wore four or five years, I haven’t seen it, the big yellow boots are not a solid differential practice, next to the line is fake Line, shoes are also a comparative modern practice, and they are not very fragrant in old retro players.


Tian Milan 15551 Beckham has passed, once also fire, comfortable, more comfortable than the big yellow boots.

Shirt RRL Becoe with paragraph, pants RL woodworking pants, boots 15551, this boots I didn’t wear a few times, then I didn’t pass after falling in love with the red wing.


Before wearing red wings, I bought a lot of Tianshan. These two brands can be said to be two levels. Tian Mane is completely modern work boots. The red wings still maintain the feeling. Of course, Tian Mane is also a good boots.



CAT is a professional labor insurance shoe brand. It is also a brand in China. It is also the brand of my first-double boots. CAT is better than the sky, and it can be taken by about 500.

The most classic is this, the sole has a transparent shock absorbing section, I have been watching this very pleasing, I didn’t understand the other, I didn’t understand the other, this to now I think it is better than Tian Mane.

This is my first double work boots, university wear three years, the lining is broken, the shoe type is not like, then there is no longer passing, like Cat, the boots like Cat, Tian Mane, the basic older overall performance decline Very powerful, there is no need to refurbishment.


This pair of shoes and Walle are very similar.


High-end (3000 yuan +)



Viberg founded in Canada in 1931, the top of my heart, unlike Alden’s elegant, unlike Wesco, the right benefit of footwear and material grasp.


The brand size is UK, which is a big code than US. As far as I purchased, this boot looks well, it is actually very wide, the dress is also good, 0 runs, but the weight, it is quite heavy, one will be nearly one kilogram (UK12).


All shoe types of V home, comparison in the official website, also have a styles of comparison, convenient to view.

The most classic footwear type of V is 2030. He has the thickness of the tooling, and has the exquisite, whole, the best selling Viberg.


I bought a Second World War II, called 110, the actor Steve McQueen worn in the movie “The Great Escape”.


Since the original is the skin, I added an outsole, I feel missing the original show.

It is a high-grade boot of more than 700 knives, and the foot effect is good (in love).

I am from the end of the contact with the foot to the ground. All the skin is all skin, but also caused a hard feeling, I have a big purchase number, and the pad is more comfortable.




The brand founded in 1918, it is a North American top workshoot, unlike other red wing pro series, the brand specializes in retro work boots, solid work, top materials, WESCO becomes one of the three workers of the North America Viberg Wesco Whites.


There are several series of official websites, where Jobmaster and BOSS are a series of people like people.

It is worth mentioning that the brand official website has discounts, there are a lot of part of the work, it is actually nothing, interested, can pay attention.


Jobmaster is just a name, seeing the mightship from the appearance (seeing foot hurt).


The shoes are the same as the white white, the arc ass, very sexy, good and bad boots judgment method first look at the skin, the second is to follow, there is no design.

BOSS is the model of engineer’s boots, which is much weighing than the red wing.

Sole coarse tilt line increases durability


WESCO is slightly higher than whites, which can support customized brands, a longer custom cycle.



Whites are commonly known as Xiaobai. Founded in 1881, WHITES was founded in 1881, and it is also a hundred years of boots brands. The brand has been customized. According to their preferences, choose skin, shoe type and various details, waiting for delivery.


Xiaobai’s classification of the official website to the boots is, the hottest smokejumper is actually the workfield work boots.

Xiaobai’s most famous technology, there are prints on the shoe box. It is his arch to support. I personally wear the foot is very high, and then high, just started to walk, I am not used to, the body is pouring, take a long time I didn’t feel comfortable, because the shoes, still tired. From the dismantling map, you can also see that Xiaobai is a 3000+-level work boots, sole materials are really reluctant to follow, after all, the price is placed here, the reason why the price is not wrong.

Little white is much rough than Viberg, which is much stronger than the red wing. Although this boots are large, it looks wide, the internal space is general, and there is a bit of the foot back, it must be bought a big point, the upper cascading, otherwise the soles are very hard, the foot is also Uncomfortable, the foot is high or even the plug.

The side is very practical, and it is also, even if there is no steel, it is not afraid to hurt the feet, it is worth the firefighter’s work boots.


I think the feet are also very good, and there is no pressure in jeans.

It is also very beautiful in your own point of view, although wide, but the overall effect looks like the thickness, the hundred-year precipitation is not simple.



Alden is a brand of American boots, accurately saying that some of the work boots, a large part is a flushing shoes, and his work boots are also very introverted.

It is a representative known as the retro circle. It is Indy Boot, “Raising Baoying”, the male one wearing boots, boots two iconic sutures, footwear types have both work boots, and there is a small family of shoes.

Alden has a high-end leather shoes with many horse hips, with high-grade workmanship, is a clear flow of the workshoot.


At last

There are still many brands in the work boots. The first is that I haven’t paid attention. Domestic players bought less, I have never bought, the sample data is small, there is no way to judge what, the second is that the Japanese brand is generally high, I don’t Love chasing the Japanese card, so it is not recommended.

Introduced so much, in my personal experience, CAT, Tian Manda can’t call the real retro boots, the red wing is the first choice, the reason is the gap between the leather and the high-end leather boots, and the internal material table is like a, high-end The material and quality gap in the leather boots are not large, according to their own budget and style preferences.