(I have been retrieved) Where are you? Shaoyang 12-year-old boy is rescued, wearing coffee pajamas, coffee pants, wrapped in a bed quilt


The latest news: After the rescue station feedback, the rescued person has been safely returned with the headlines, the police and the rescue station, please pay attention to this kind of good people! To protect the privacy of the parties, the name, photo and other information are now withdrawn.


Repeator gender: male

Repeat age: about 12 years old

Looking for a number: 20220203002

Repair characteristics: short hair, difficulty in action, is thin, wearing coffee talent, coffee pants, wrapped in a bed quilt

Help time: 2022-02-03

Location: Hunan, Shaoyang City, Daxiang District

Contact Unit: Shaoyang City Rescue Management Station

Contact number: 0739-5327968

other information:

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