Spring trendy casual winds wear never lost, simple and comfortable, rush to copy homework


Spring weather is warm, the wind and day, we all want to go out, walk on, breathe fresh air, there is a close contact with nature, so for wearing, it also prefer comfort and fashionable casual style, Let yourself get simple and happy.


So, how to wear this spring leisure style? What are the skills worth learning and learning?

I shared a few sets of trendy little sister today. Her casual winds are simply simple and not simple, and gentle is full of trendy feelings, watching and comfortable, hurry to make a business!


Short coat + long skirt

Spring is very like dressing a dress, whether it is a half-length skirt or a dress, it can easily concave elegant women’s taste, but spring is always warm and cold, we can choose a slightly thick short set, so it is good to keep warm. Short outer casing with a long skirt, will make the size of the body look good, and it is slim.

Turmeric floral crach dress, light and elegant fairy, outdoor set of handsome denim clothes, such different style mashup looks special stylish. Black sweater with white Hepprun skirt, classic black and white color, simple symptoms, with gentle women, very suitable for pear shaped girl, super thin.

Contour white shirt + semi skirt (pants)


Like outdoor girls, you can choose a super-sleek white shirt in the late Spring, and the loose version is more casual, and it is sprinkled with handsome, with Clay because of blue pants, giving one The beautiful beauty, like this, unhappy trendy, very comfortable, suitable for travel or travel.

Slightly slim some white shirt with a half dress very beautiful, very woman taste. White waist design shirts with beige pleated skirt, simple gentle color, look fresh and elegant, look good.

Contoil sweater + wide leg pants

Spring always likes to take some lazy taste, don’t do it, very comfortable, so loose silhouette is the favorite, it is definitely aged, with loose wide-leg pants, pongquny, It looks comfortable.


Warm orange silhouette, chain is thin, with pink wide leg pants, color color looks very bright, one change and relaxing, let us become relaxed, so wearing shopping, you are the most young. Gray sweater with black harsh pants, simple and casual style, too love!

Big No. Cotton T + Jeans

In spring, I feel relaxed, some, and some kindness, and some kindness, then choose a big cotton T with simple jeans, you can easily create a comfortable and fashionable style, don’t pick the body, don’t pick the skin color Hundreds of good looking.


Light gray cotton T, wide, look very comfortable, with denim straight pants, no more modifications, is simple, very suitable for waves, appear young and nature.

Jacket + flower skirt

Spring should be a colorful, romantic season, so the floral dress is very comfortable, sweet and gentle, and a romantic taste, bring your own body, with a handsome jacket, let the shape make more stylish and more fashionable.

Pink flower printed skirt, match the Tibetan cyan denim jacket, the color of the colored color looks very young, suitable for generous girls, aged and a woman.


At the end of the spring, there is a very gentle dress in the wardrobe, and it can be easily out of five minutes. Micro fative girls can choose a black or blue dress, the waist design is very curved, the length is in the ankle, OK, feels tall and thin, easy to wear elegant and charming women.

Long shirt + wide leg pants


For high children, spring is quite suitable for wearing long shirts, giving people a feeling. Long-length stream shirts can be worn as a dress, or it can be used as a sunshine.

Gray plaid long shirt, handsome and easy, match pink wide leg pants, trendy explosive table, and sprinkling with winding, trendy feelings soaring.

Sweater + denim straps skirt


If you want to age, we can choose a denim strap skirt, and there is no difficulty in the age of ten years old. Black striped knit sweater with a tibia cyan denim strap skirt, a small child’s gospel, such a blurred waistline, which is more tangered, and it is also very cute.

Shirt + vest + casual pants

This spring is still very popular, two pieces seem to have ordinary single product stacking, and the hipster is soaring, and there are more levels, and it is very high.

The water blue shirt is superimposed on a cof color vest, and the color of the colored vest has brought uncommon fashion, and it is handsome, with light blue casual pants. It is very high-level, which is also very advanced. It’s too good to shape!

In the spring, we choose casual style to wear, you can group the items of different styles, simple and comfortable, the key is to be very fashionable, don’t know if you have learned?


The favorite baby quickly collects and slowly, maybe it will help you find the inspiration!

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