Middle-aged women don’t always wear long coats, short down jackets are more typeless, simple and “expensive”


# What to wear today?

# 穿 红 黑 #

# 流 风 穿 #

in winter



Of course, keeping our

Body is wrapped in the package

It is impossible to show our figure, so we need a down jacket that can show our characteristics to show yourself.

In fact, it is not difficult to achieve such a fashion effect. We can find a breakthrough in the essence of the change in the cost of costumes.

Short down jacket is more typeless

Simply significantly “expectations”. What kind of short down jacket is more suitable for you? Let’s take a look.

Advantage of short down jacket

Act 1: Exquisite and simple

Short down jackets will be more refined and simple than long or long. Because it is a short style,

Pursue short and delicious

Simply styles are naturally born. Common minimalist style pursuit


Fashion style is atmospheric

It is reflected in the style, and there is no other factors to interfere.



Simple color

, Pursue minimalism, black and white gray three colors are more popular.

Effect 2: Slim fashion

Our short down jacket will help our lower body show, let us join one.

Waist design

Can achieve good

Slim effect

Therefore, it is deeply loved by people.

Whether you are a small child or a high child, you can show the charm of short down jackets. Small children are wearing short money

Pull length ratio

High children are more able to show the advantages of the legs. Plus waist


Finishing touch

, The slender body has been interpreted.

I want to focus on the girl, I can choose on the basis of short down jackets.


Design, so you can solve your body from the source


Reasons for non-display lines

. When we choose such a thin down jacket, the trousers with them can be a tight design, which can help us with a slim slim. Black is of course our preferred color, which looks more harmonious unity.

The moral effect is natural.

If you want the short down jacket to reach

Warm and fluffy and thin

The effect, we can help us enough through small details of a fashion item.

Waist curve

. Common simplest style is

Add a belt,

Such a technique does not have the color of the short down jacket, and has nothing to do.

So many short down jackets we can pass through this way.

Show the waist,

At this point you can choose a comfortable pants match it.

Role 3: Diversified match

A small down jacket is matched


Fashion is very diverse

If you are a color matching white, I don’t know how the color of the set of items can be used.


Matching technique.

In terms of color system, I recommend everyone to jump out inherent thinking mode, think that winter must wear dark lines, dark is a hundred, but if you want to have different or more eye-catching words, I suggest a choice

Bright colorful clothing



Classic treasure blue. The blue style is eye-catching in winter, and our inner ride can also use the same color system to reach an ultra-high harmony.

For those who really love fashion, the season is not a problem, we can use a short down jacket with shorts in the form of a seasonal contrast. There is a more popular in the color of the short down jacket.

Choice of two-faced


This is even more likely to control



It is recommended to combine yellow and black. One side is

Playful wind

One side is

Deep feelings.

You can also match a pair of Martin boots when you are in shorts.

Handsome mature.

Duration of short down jackets

Match one: down jacket with wide leg pants

We can boldly adopt a glimpse of the transitions when we are in daily matching, and the recommended color is more popular in recent years, but there is no bad street. This color department can wear four seasons a year.

High usage is relatively high, not picking people

If you think that the whole body is only used in green this color, you can choose


Tongzhao different hue

. Changes in the shallow color.


Mid-adjusting green

Inside a deep degree

This form is in this form. In terms of pants with short down jackets, pursuit of natural casual girls can choose the design of wide legs.

Match 2: Down Jacket + Navel

I want yourself who looks brightly to choose bright yellow.


Yes, pay attention, if you want to focus on highlighting the yellow short down jacket, then the best other color is unified, only such a technique can better show the charm of short down jackets.

Girls who have confidence in their own body can choose to open, and they can choose the style of rolloves.

More charm,

Black is the best

Auxiliary color

Can help us show deep side. Yellow and black combination looks vital


Match three: down jacket + sports pants

The enthusiasm and unrestrained red sports short down jacket is more suitable for winter, especially when the New Year is more festive. When you match the red system, we can use the form of a set because of the red tune

High saturation


Therefore, we can easily find the right item when you look at it, so the style of the suit can help us solve this problem.

And the form of suit is also a consistent match.

More comfort

. In the choice of red sweatpants, we can integrate

High waist design and line design

It is more conducive to and short down jackets.

Therefore, long coats have lost! Nowadays “Short Down Jacket”,

Trendy warmth is also high

, Like the friends, try to match it.