Pencil jeans matching skills pencil trousers for a good shoe


1. The boots are always the best partners of pencil pants, so the autumn and winter season still finds a boot partner for your pencil pants.

2, sagging sweaters, and the matching of pencil pants is good, the whole is exhibiting flow line, and I have never been tired.

3, with sweaters, and then put a office bag, this dress is also the preferred choice for the officer.

4, the long coat of loose and leading pants can form a distinct contrast.

5, pencil pants with cool dress, fashionist people are not you.

6, find a white t-shirt, simple, and black pencil pants are very real, but also form a stark contrast, strengthen the feeling of legs.

7, a short winter clothing, a pair of high heel boots, mixed by the pencil pants, can pull the leg line line.

What is the pencil pants?

Pencil pants with Martin boots

The combination of pencil pants and Martin boots has been long. From the 1950s, many rock singers will gradually put the thin pants into Martin boots. This punk style has not launched a trend stage. The most typical pencil pants and the punk style of Martin boots. Although it is also a pencil pants, horses, but the style has been biased towards sweet; with a diversified development.

Pencil pants with high heels

铅笔牛仔裤搭配技巧 铅笔裤配什么鞋好

Although the love of pencil pants and high heels is not a long time, it is indeed the hottest pair. It is designed to emphasize the curve, create an unique and romantic elegant feature, let the luxury feel. However, it is necessary to emphasize that high heels must be suitable for better cooperation with pencil pants to protrude buttocks and leg lines.

铅笔牛仔裤搭配技巧 铅笔裤配什么鞋好

Submarine woman wearing pencil pants fit shoes

The proportion of the body is coordinated, especially the proportion of legs, is not a flavor. Choose to match with a slightly high shoe, fine trousers with high heels to match the leg lines, which is highly slim. T-shirts that are long over the hip can cover a perfect hip. The one is not high enough, the leg is not long, and the high-waist is designed with a high-waist to modify the legs, and use pencil pants to stretch the leg line, and easily match a high-tech beauty.

Pencil pants with flat shoes / shortheat shoes with knowledgeable beauty

It is recommended that a slightly high MM is trying, the flat shoes / pnextors can give people a sense of intimate and create gentle and romanticism. Even the narrow-legged denim pencil pants can also get rid of the taste of the leisure, become a profession.

Pencil pants and boots

The most suitable autumn and winter epidemic of high children. Use the long boots to cover some of the legs to weaken the coldness of pencil pants, so that the legs have a hierarchical change, adding trendy.

How to match pencil pants

1, wear tired to wear high heels? Then choose a narrow leg pants plus canvas shoes. The thin canvas shoes are more strong to adjust the beauty of the calf. Don’t forget to wear a baseball cap or a high “group” head, youth is unable to stop.

2, gorgeous T-shirts that grow over the hip can be modified enough not enough buttocks. Take high heels with narrow legs, not only to pull the leg lines, but also add points to your luxury, so you can go to Office.

3, who said narrow leg pants only represents leisure, black simple narrow pants, can strengthen the feeling of occupation. With the top-top shirt, it is definitely the grade selection at the time of PARTY.

4, the narrow legs is the same as the girl’s choice. Set on a suit or short jacket, and use high heels to weaken too cold feelings, you are another Kate Moss on the street.

5. For girls who are not slepe enough, it is modified with high-waist. The narrow leg pants are more than the legs of the legs, and you can also be a high-tech beauty.

6. Simple T-shirt narrow leg pants, shaping a simple beauty. Is it not enough to grab it? Then wear exaggerated accessories. The big earrings or a strong necklace, immediately let you become a model of street mixing.

7, give up those who are too luxurious, the simplest white shirt, plus the purest indigo narrow leg pants, today you are the most temperament.