Li Ruoxi is not married, it is young, wearing a denim jacket with a skirt, 55 years old and girl feelings


Years are ruthless for many women. As years, the age of women grows, many people will face the shape of the body and the blessings, and will also wear a not trimming, very few people The woman can also be tied to the fashion, but it is not entirely of the traces of the years in the older female star Li Ruzhen.

Li Ruoxi’s modeling analysis:


Cowboy jacket – wearing a leisure age

Li Ruoxi is not married is young, wearing a denim coat with a skirt, 55 years old and girl feelings. Li Ruoxi wore a short-term denim jacket in the upper body. For the older women who have a little longer, you can try a lot of cowboy fabrics, and cowboy fabrics can present a just beneficial age. For middle-aged women who have a little longer, it is very friendly.

Continuous white yarn skirt – increase the achievements

Li Ruoxi with a white long yarn dress in the denim jacket, the foundation of pure white as a inner, the color of the color is very simple and low-key, not Zhang Yang, for the women of Li Ruoxi, in this old age group, The pure white in this foundation can also present a very good agenda.


Internal length – feel

Li Ruoxi is very simple and low in the presence of color. It uses the foundation and the pure white matching denim blue, and it is very simple and low in color design, but through the inner and short matching method. Exhibit a sufficient level of layering.

Cuffs slightly long – increased gentleness

Although this short denim coat is more short and delicate in the design of the clothes, but in the design of the two-side cuffs, there is a more gentle sense of design, and the extended sleeves cover the back of the hands. , Wear more mildhood and women taste.

Empty version of moderate loose – leisure and comfort

Li Ruoxi is equipped with a moderate design in the style, whether it is the white dress in the inner or outer denim coat, in the design of the style, with a moderately loose version to presented the effect of inclusive body, requirement is Slightly grow older women, practicality will be very strong.


Other styling analysis of Li Ruoxi:

Dark-style windbreaker + gold belt

A dark windbreaker in the design of a streamlined tailor to present the mandatory in the style, this windbreaker has a little hard feeling in the style, especially the elements of the shoulders, both It can be modified to show a straight straight strap, and the waist is equipped with a gold belt, with a partial bright colors.

Black perspective stockings + red coat

The combination of black and red will show a visual collision, and the bright big red is more eye-catching, but it is a bit difficult to control. It is less friendly for older women, but it is more difficult to put it in Li Ruoxi. No, the effect of wearing is very expensive, Li Ruoxi is equipped with a pair of perspective stockings on the legs, sexy explosion.


Color color high open fork dress


The color matching of the stitching can present a visual rich, the upper body is stable and low-key, the lower body stitching is bright green, and it is visually rich and bright. This dress is in the shoulder part of the shoulder. Increase the gas field, and also avoid the embarrassment of the shoulders. The position of the skirt is shown in a high-open design method to show the effect of micro-legging, the skin is not large, but the effect of wearing is sufficiently advanced.

The 55-year-old Li Ruoxi has never been married, although there is no moisturizing, but the years are extravagant, and all kinds of style are able to control the hand, even if they have a long time, this is true. Beauty.

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