GUCCI new “turf-stained effect” denim overall price 1,400 US dollars


Luxury brand Gucci is selling strategic staining denim federal pants, priced at $ 1400 – this is perfect for those who want to seem to have personality, but only rich people are perfect.

This dirty worker pants are the first debut on T stage this year. It is a part of the grungeinspired series and is now available in the store and online.

Although these spots may not be a true straw, the brand is actively pointed out that this product is made for our beautiful green earth.


“It is produced by planting and production, does not involve harmful chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers.” But real farmers believe that these pants flowers.


“I am thinking, why spend so much money to buy this?” The farm main Lunktlin told the US media. The front New York, who is running Villa Villekulla, Villa Villek, Villa Villek, said that she is wearing a CARHARTT insulation overall (approximately $ 1).

“When you are farmers, the money is not easy. More importantly, the position of the stain is even incorrect, it looks very low, the strains should be centered on the knee,” she said, “If Gu Qi really I want them to look authentic. “

This dirty coat is not the only dirty design in Gucchi’s latest men’s series: an ECO wash organic jeans is priced as $ 769, as well as the same faded knee if stain is not your style. But you still want to spend more money to make yourself look, you can also buy a cami-style sweater, just $ 577.