Nanhong agate is most completely introduced! Conscience! I understand, you will never take medicine again!


With the sainting of the market in the past few years, the price of all the way, the fake technology is endless. The year-end gift is more cautious. I bought it, the face is there, the other party is also happy; if I bought it wrong, not only spend money, everyone is not happy.

A Totor Popan Red Knowledge –

Let me talk about the four major production areas in the South Red Mountain in Sichuan. The geological structure of Liangshan is complex, there are many mountains, rivers, and gorges. There is a rich mineral resource. There are mainly nine, Wasi, United, Uber Po, Leibo, etc..

1, nine.


Located in the southwest of Meigu County, the property has a high completion of high, less cracking, colorful, and oil-rich, which is the highest quality in Liangshan. Be

2, Vasi.

Located in the eastern part of Miugu County, the mining conditions are poor, and the uniformity of the South-red color is poor and the weight is small. The maximum characteristics of the Wahuai is the moist, the moisturizer is very good, the best material is comparable to the field, and has a lot of rose red. Be

3, union.


Located in the south of the Minamu County, it is found to be more early, it is relatively easy to exploit, but it is seriously different from the two-pole differentiation of the Nanhong agate quality. The combined flument is performed, the water head is often used to pretend to be a hill.

4, Uber Po.


Located in the northeast of Zhaojue County, it is a new pit that has been excavated in the first half of 2011. The foreign people are not involved in the nine-south-bits, the color is uniform, pure, and “big materials” output, But the completion is low.

5, Leibo.


Raybang has a very similar appearance, finely uniform cinnabar point, bright color is bright, relatively more water, it looks more dry, of course, the top rather is also very good.


Yunnan Bao Mountain South Red Agate Origin: The South Red Agate Milion of the Baoshan is a deposition rock, which has a layered distribution. After thousands of years of crustics and erosion, it has produced a lot of break, so there is more fracture. In the mountains, the mountains, all Huanshan have a south-red agate output, including Yangliu Township and Dongshan.


1, Yang Liu Township.


“Xu Xiake Travel” has this record on the South Red agate: “Many crocus, the rattle of the rattan, the chisel is awkward, then the agate is embedded. It is not big, it is not big, only a punch This is also a vine. In case, there is a gum, it is as big as the ball, the circle is like a ball, and it is suspended, not stick to the stone, there is water, its crystal is tight, different from Changcia, this agate, it is unaffected, which is accomplished, and the city is born. “

The places described in the book are Yangliu Township. Yangliu Township is in the west of Baoshan, and the south red material is mixed in the basalt, the block is complete and the quality is better.

2, Dongshan.


As the name, there is an east of Baoshan, and the South red material out is in the soil, compared with the willow, the Dongshan tank is much smaller, and the completeness is not high.