Henan 4 batches of infant knitted underwear unqualified! Some nominalized down cotton is polyester fiber


On November 6th, Nandu reporters learned from the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau that the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau conducted a total of 68 batches of products for leisure and clothing and knit underwear. Among them, 5 batches of product quality unqualified, including 4 batches of infants and young children’s knitted underwear were detected by the protein content and nominal.

Among them, 1 batch of Antarctic cotton produced by Xinlu Garment Factory in Anyang High-tech Zone in Henan Province, the mean package, the measured value of the fiber content is 100% of the polyester fiber. The product nominal fiber content (sandwich) is a down cotton.

1st batch of small bunny clothing in Qi Qi, Qiqi, Anyang High-tech Zone, is 68.8%, the fiber content is 68.8%, and the viscose fiber is 27.4%, the spandex is 3.8%, the product nominal value is 92%. , Spandex 8%.

Anyang High-tech Zone Olympic Point Infant Clothing Lingerie Factory Production 1 Batch Sack of the Fiber Coatings, the measured value of the fiber content is 86.5%, 13.0% of the viscose fiber, the product nominal value of 100%.

In addition, the 1st batches of warming shoulder sets produced by the oyous tonic garment factory in Anyang High-tech Zone were 8.6, and the standard stipulates 4.0 ~ 7.5.

Southern reporters learned that the above four manufacturing plants are the main business of newborns and infant clothing.

In response to the problems found in this spot, the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has been responsible for Zhengzhou, and the Anyang Market Supervision Administration is seriously dealt with.

Written: Nanxue trainee reporter Huang Xiao Yin