These 10 small objects, one thing is too small, there is no more idle at home.


The storage object is not in size, some are very small, and it is very cheap, but it can actually solve a lot of home pain points, and people can’t help but call it “artifact”!

Top 10 sharing today is that if your home is just right, don’t let it idle, hurry to use ~

1, refrigerator small separator

That card can be partitioned on the storage box on the side of the refrigerator door, and enhance the tidy of the contents of the item.


For example, this bottle canister, everyday is hard to ensure that it is just full of the entire shelf, which causes the opening of the refrigerator, and the bottle falls or loudly.

With this small barrier, the bottle can be separated to avoid the above situation.

Because the partition can be moved at will, so for this non-harmonious seasoning bag, you can two or three bags, it looks at it, it is good to put it, will not be chaotic.


If you buy home, just a single use in the refrigerator, it is too limited, like the desk containing the desk, the pen is not good, I bought a few small compact card, all kinds of pen can be classified. Get up, save alone to buy a pen.


Makeup brushes, more cosmetics, there is no way to classify, or you can use it, simple and neat.

The key is that the price is too cheap, and a few dollars can buy a bunch.


2, sticky pulley


I am this little thing, and now I have completely used it.



Can’t stop.


At first, I felt that the trash can in my family. Every time I cleaned the health and moved it. It was too much trouble. I gave a few pulleys below. When I swept it, I gone, I didn’t have to bend, for me, my lumbar Patients, not too friendly.


With the successful experience of the trash can, the next bedwell is also installed under the bedside cabinet. When the husband is not there, you can easily remove clean.

And the children’s toy storage box, a little more a bit of flower pots, rice cookers on the kitchen table, etc.

It is not exaggerated that it solves the “last km” of my family cleaning.

The installation is also super simple, it is straightforward, it doesn’t have a technical content, but reminds it, remember to buy this ABS material, the sliding is basically no sound, don’t buy the stainless steel, noise is too noisy.

3, books

Normal books are ok, naturally, you can get together, but those thin books, or children’s rolls, print paper, etc.


So, as long as there are children at home, or love reading, books must be essential, which can greatly improve the tidy of the bookshelf.


But don’t take it only when you are blessed, it still has a lot of other wonderful purposes.

For example, in the wardrobe drawer, solve the problem of unsatisfactory clothes, always love, after using it, not only look clean, but also save a lot of space.

For example, paste it on the bathroom wall, put the toilet brush up, and can also drag until the sanitation, do not leave the sanitary corner.

However, in the online search, the style material has many kinds, but it is the most practical, weight, and the anti-pouring effect is also good.

4, multi-function hook clip


For items that have hanging rings, they can hang up with ordinary hooks, but not all household products, there are hanging rings, so this multi-function hook clip is sent to the field.

It is more than ordinary hooks, hanging up the clip, can hang a lot of daily unhealthy little items.


For example, the kitchen gloves, it is wet, where is not suitable, put it with a hook clip, this problem can be easily solved.

I like the bathroom on the space, you can also use the hanging clip, hang your face, toothpaste, etc.


The hat is one of the most difficult items in the wardrobe. You can also solve it with a hook clip. With the telescopic rod, you will hang the hat with a unity. At a glance, take it easy.

Furthermore, it is stainless steel, the waterproof is very good, used in the dry area, the wet area can, do not pick up.

5, oblique socket

Generally, we have seen the pen tube is the simple cylinder, it is easy to use, but the capacity is limited, and it does not reach the effect of classification storage.

And this oblique plug-in pen can be accomplished more stationery under the same area and the ordinary pen tubes and can be effectively classified.

Moreover, the oblique forming design is more in line with our daily customs.

The style, there is also single and double, according to the amount of stationery in its own, the above figure is used together, and the picture below is a double connection.


In addition, for the lady of love, you can also use it to accommodate makeup brush, which should be much cheaper than buying a special makeup brush storage box.

6, table drawer storage box

It belongs to very small, but it is super to solve the painful storage object.

For example, the girl’s makeup table, there is no drawer, there is a large part of the storage area, which can be bonded to several drawer storage boxes, and the various lipsticks can be accommodated, and it is very convenient to take it.

It’s not necessary to get it, the existence is very low, and I don’t feel awkward.


There is also this simple work desk, after installing the drawer storage box, can accommodate the remote control or small fragmentation with high frequency, not to find every time you have to use it.


The kitchen is also the same, and there are many spaces left in the cabinet, and there is still a lot of space left, and the storage box is filled, and the space is not wasteful.

In addition, there is a similar method to solve small fragmented storage problems like a coffee table, dining table and other places.

7, acrylic hanging rod

I have seen various hanging rods before, there is no doubt that this is the highest value. When I don’t hang something, I can’t even notice it.

After hanging on, the color of the rag is also very advanced.


In addition to using in the kitchen, mount towels in the bathroom are also OK.

Moreover, its pole is flat on the hook, you can get it at any time, this is very convenient, acrylic material, no mold rust, etc.


In short, the home is just a location similar to the lane, you can use it.

8, kraft paper bag

It can be said that the highest cost-effective storage small object, average a few cents, much more cost-effective than the storage box.

Like this space, the cabinet is relatively large, buy a pile of kraft paper bags, stacked in, what small debris can be complete, saying that the spatial waste is not exaggerated.

Data cables are difficult to accommodate in the drawer, and after the kraft paper bag, it is also clean.

Similar racks can also be accommodated with kraft paper bags.


In short, the use is very extensive. If you buy a shower, there is also the effect of waterproof and moisture, put in a humid refrigerator, accommodating fruit and vegetables is also OK.


Because it is cheap enough, it is broken, it is dirty, there is no clean trouble, it is not distressed.


9, no punching gas pipe fixing card

Seeing it for the first time, or in the hands of the installation master, I feel very magical, the snap can be adjusted, and it is particularly tight after the card, it is completely unfounded.


If the gas tube is long, it is not necessary to punch fixation, and it will be passed to the wall.


It can also be used as a ribbon, and you can fix the wires, truthful, more than those such as those hook storage.

When you want to take it down, the clip can also decline, and the convenience is still quite high.


10, multi-function rotary storage disk

I have always thought that this multi-function rotary storage disk is the home of the family.


Like soy sauce vinegar in the kitchen, etc., placed directly on the table, or in the cabinet, very chaos, and take easy collision.

But this rotating storage disk does not exist at all, you can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Which one will be turned off, it is very convenient, it will not say it next to it.


In addition to using the toiletries in the kitchen, storage bathroom, or the coffin, cups, etc., the cup, etc., is also suitable.


In order to ensure everyday experience, everyone must choose the bottom of the tapping disk, so that the items inside are not turned.