Warm-free people’s solid color is wearing, simple, senior, eye-catching, autumn and winter is too beautiful.


Perhaps the rhythm of life is too fast, or is busy, and now more and more girls like to pursue simple, so it is also the same, to give up excess decorative elements, all from the brief, improve the texture, easy to wear high-level feelings It also makes people feel very temperament.

The weather is getting colder, and the autumn and winter clothes are superimposed. Everyday wear the layout of the version, the most important thing is that the color is color. If you want to match, you will start from the solid color.

Today, I will share some warm-upless people’s solid color wear, simple, high-end, eye-catching, autumn and winter is too beautiful!

Extremely simple black and white

The solid color system is very practical in daily life, and the solid color is wearing, of course, minimalizing black and white gray. The black classic wild, when wearing a very heavy in autumn and winter, in order to alleviate the dark and stupidity brought by the black, you can build a white, light gray, or through the details of the clothes itself. Feel, let the wear becomes light and cool.

In autumn and winter, the colorful single product, the solid colorful clothes are single to look slightly monotonous, but they can meet our needs of our daily dress. Through a large-scale clean color block, you can create a high-level feeling of simple atmosphere, especially when commuting work, wearing solid color can give people a trustworthy professional.

At the same time in autumn and winter, everyone is also awkward, with a leaflet of nine pants, plus double socks to protect the ankle, not only not frozen, but also show the finest part of the legs, and unsatched Skim.

How is the solid color system?

The autumn and winter, like a cashmere sweater, most recommended, and it can be worn for a long time. The soft light color is very suitable for a gentle gas girl, the color is a bit, and the maturity is a few points, but the gas field will be stronger.


Autumn and winter, because of the wearing, compared to loading, the selection of solid color can not wear bloated, pursue a highly thin girl, wear a dark color can make the lower body look more difficult, if it is light color, except The fabric material should be smooth, and the best version is also loose. When cold, you can also hide warm pants, temperature and shape coexistence.


The coat is covered with a large piece of material, and the solid color is also entitled, because the clothes in autumn and winter are more expensive, considering the real-wear, color can choose low-key neutral colors, such as the feeling of concentrated autumn and winter The earth color, milk tea, is very hot every year.

If there is a plan to purchase new clothes, choose this type of color, jacket, trousers, and dress will not be wrong. In the autumn and winter, he also wants to continue the dress girl, with a sock with colored colors, boots fashionable and warm.



Single color series, single view of Pu Tonggong does not have a trendy sense, this time you need us to spend some thoughtfulness, such as using a deep shallow color color to create a hierarchy, not only can understand the feeling of striking tones, It can also achieve the purpose of modifying the body.


For example, on a shallow deep match, light color can brighten your skin color, dark brunette can extend long, slightly tie it slightly, highlight the waist line, it seems to be more spiritual.

Shallow + shallow match

Shallow + Shallow, the overall color match is very harmonious, gentle treatment is also very expensive, no aggressive look is very comfortable, and this kind of lighting color color can also resolve the cold feeling of autumn and winter, giving people a kind and warm.


The light-colored single product has a sense of expansion. Many people are worried that they are more fat. In fact, they can solve the single items that are strong, such as the autumn and winter suit, windbreaker, coat three-dimensional tailor can be perfectly shaped, and then mix with soft Knitted, MAN Balance, can be soft.



The same color is used in many daily lives, and a single color is more high-level. Autumn and winter stacked in layers, very small color matching, clean refreshing can easily highlight the clothes.

The upper and lower colors are particularly suitable for the lazy girl, through different fabric materials, wear hierarchy, simple and simple.

The same color wear can also choose one piece of accessories to echo all body, such as the shoe package echo the upper, jacket, pants, and pay more attention to the loose combination in the solid color of the same color, not to fuzzy the body contour, through the body and more The amount of clothes are stacked, let the wear look, it is wrong, highlighting the waist curve, showing a woman flavor, and is not uncomfortable, making the body proportionality more perfect.

Autumn and winter girls, they must learn to use high-end collar, scarves, and thick socks to protect their necks and feet, wear warm and beautiful.


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