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I want to know that a product is suitable for the nightmare, the best way is to ask for a long time to stay up all night, a better way is to find that clearly staying up late, but the skin can’t see some people’s day and night signs, her recommendation Only the most convincing.


In recent month, our company concentrated a large number of “such people”. In order to welcome the double 11, from October, we have entered the love post model of “use life in overtime”, even in the middle of the night, you can talk in the work group …

So, we also took the opportunity to do a large number of suitable

Night muscle, pressure muscle, early old muscle

Product assessment, everyone uses self-test, feels feeling, use their words: Can you live in double 11 explosion liver test, is true, staying up and night essential, face savior, anti-old repair king.

Ok, the office also has a lot of products for everyone to choose. However, the most out of the assessment is that the long-awaited Zhou Zhou. Everyone found that the skin of Week is getting better, and I can’t see it every day to watch my mobile phone. You must know that Zhou Zhou is responsible for our allograms, and the mobile phone does not leave after get off work, blue radiation should be the largest. This is the case, and Zhou Zhou’s skin looks bright, tight, tender, and it can’t be tired.

You guess, what did Zhou use?

The answer is this bottle in my hand.

L’Oreal Space Cream

. In addition to the expectations, in fact, this can L’Oreal Space Frost is beginning to use it, because it feels the province, and the essence is also saved. Plus the latest autumn and winter seasons, Shanghai’s temperature change is very unstable, so the general cream is very embarrassing, thin enough moisturizing, moisturizing too greasy, and L’Oreal Space Cream is perfectly solved this problem.

The skin I really can boast winter from the summer,

Summer is lightly water, there is no burden, the winter is soft and delicate, and moist is very good.

. Aim


But it is loaded.

Essence level

, Touching instant essence cream a second water, absorbs very fast, but there should be

Moisturizing, repair, brightening, and early arrest


It is not bad for a little bit. After the face, the skin immediately became soft and soft, the moisturizing force is very enough, dry skin, winter is also very ok, and the heating room is a day.

Because, in order to meet the effect of the nourishing repair, it is necessary to add a sufficient essence. Generally, it will be a thick cream. It is not so friendly for the skin of the oil or the absorption. The emulsion is refined, but the moisturizing and efficacy is also discounted. L’Oreal Space Cream

Perfect balance the skin feeling and efficacy

Specially, the seasons are unstable, and the skin that is imbalanced, and there is still a long-term stay in the skin to absorb bad.

There is no pressure, no mineral oil, no pigment, no pox risk ingredient, no NiTB and EDTA preservative

Therefore, sensitive muscles can also be used with confidence.


Of course, if it is just a sense of god, it is not worth such a boast, saying that it is better to absorb more than a thin, but it is rare to be effective, it can be beneficial for skin, this

Do very good. A bottle

Essence-level anti-old face cream

It can greatly optimize your skin care step, like Zhou Zhou, I am afraid of trouble, I am busy, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep more than five minutes, using L’Oreal Space Cream During this time, it is really not painful. . Because it is a bottle


Moisturizing cream


It is also a bottle


Resistance to the old essence

I feel the skin, bright, smooth; insist on the use,


Not only can the skin, but also improve the skin, tough skin, and improve the first old problem.

In addition, it is still a

Emergency cream

When the state is not good, try the full face for 5 minutes, massage the wiping or wash away, the effect is definitely better than the ordinary mask,

Apply the skin instant water, bright, slide, tender, and the effect is visible.

. Looks at the night after night, the skin is particularly poor, or the seasons are unstable, and there are special dry things in the northern heating, you can quickly “return blood” with the L’Oreal space cream, just apply it slightly to the skin surface Absorption, the skin is so weak, nor does it delay your follow-up makeup, not but not mud, will also be more fit.

Here, we also invited a one.

Long-term staying up late


Skin years old

Fans to dedicate this bottle

Anti-aging and emergency ability.

Fans trial experience

Ouyang Bin 26-year-old dry skin

The skin is very white, but

It causes uneven skin, the T area is dull, roughly greasy and the skin is more sensitive.

The cheeks can be seen that the flooding is simultaneously pop-out, and the skin has chronic inflammation, and it has become the most troublesome.

Sensitive muscle of outer oil

. In addition, the skin becomes relaxed, there is a feeling, causing a letter, and the puppet routing, it is really old.

Used in the morning and evening, the final step of skin care is used before sunscreen

. This bottle cream has a

Space lock

Design, it is recommended to return to OFF mode each time, not only prevent the tilt, health, and ensure that every time use is fresh. Remember each pump in the end, it is convenient for accurate control.


“The effect of the light pattern is particularly obvious, the face is obvious, the skin texture is also smooth and delicate than before, more flexible,

Closed acne is reduced, and the skin is smooth.


. At the same time, the skin tone is visible, the whole face is flourished.

The problem of inflammation is effectively improved

. But I am most satisfied or it’s a letter of letters, especially me.

Improvement of puppet pattern of mouth and drooping

I feel that the face is all over, the mandibular lines are tight. Skin state is unprecedented, really can’t see this is a long-term stay.

In addition, this


Quickly improve the fatigue after staying up late

After the thickness, the massage is absorbed, the skin is so soft, and the roughness includes some of the shallow shapes that can be hidden immediately. Subsequent makeup is not a powder, the skin is very refreshing, it is completely dead. As for why the effect is so good, or because there is a strong technology background in L’Oreal … “

L’Oreal Space Cream belongs to

L’Oreal Resessive Hyurous Acid Series

This series is based on L’Oreal by reconstructing skin model, “re-ethere” medical beauty, hyaluronic acid, in the skin mechanism, so L’Oreal Space Cream has the only industry unique “

Glassy glass

“Anti-aging ingredient:




(“Collagen Protection Shield”) +

Hyaluronic acid

(Triple hyaluronic acid), simultaneous compound

High purity nicotinamide

Therefore, this is also the industry

The first model has a glass of camodes of bicycore + nicotinamide

Why is it?

It is especially suitable for people who have been staying up late. Because people who stay up all night is a common problem, it is a bit of skin, the skin is rough, the skin is rough, and the skin is relaxed. It doesn’t feel flexible. It feels greases. Easy to videol. In this regard, in addition to the internal disorders of the skin, the melanin is too active, the metabolism will affect the barrier, which causes skin inflammation, and the skin is oxidized, the skin is oxidized, and the skin is more dark. ” “Dirty”, repeated acne face more “flowers”.

L’Oreal Space Frost


, Can interfere with signal channel between keratocytes and melanocytes, and help inhibit melanin generation, and suppress the resulting melanin transfer to the epidermal layer, that is, often said

Brighten skin colour


. In addition, in addition to common whitening, nicotinamide can also promote the recovery of the surface of the epidermid layer and the dermis layer, thereby achieving


Role. L’Oreal Space Cream is also available at the same time

Cream, classic ingredient nicotinamide

Inhibition and black

Support the skin;

Thicken skin, restroom

At the same time, both core components have excellent

Repair anti-inflammatory effect

Further help the tough skin, improve the skin state, after use

Moisturizing, smooth, dull

Immediately, the naked eye can be seen, the experimental effect is displayed, and persistent around

Essence of light pattern

What’s more, there is a “glass glass” in L’Oreal Space Frost:

A “glass”

It is possible to promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin skin layer and the dermis layer;

Two “glass”

The hyaluronic acid capable of aggregation of small molecules in the epidermal layer into molecular hyaluronic acid, enhances the support of hyaluronic acid;


Three “glass”

Triple hyaluronic acid


It can act on different levels of skin, especially, including small molecular hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate the epidermal layer 100 microns, increase the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

at the same time,

By promoting the formation of hyaluronic acid, it can cause the leather layer to form more collagen;

Can promote the proliferation of fibroblasts in the leather layer, thereby promoting the formation of collagen, plus it contains

Ultra high concentration of fine molecules

It can be fully absorbed by skin, and can lock moisture for the skin, naturally fill the wrinkle fine lines, and regain full.

Not me, don’t do 300+ prices outside anywhere, buy


Deluxe combination, don’t mention this bottle cream while both

Anti-old + brightening


The effects, with its resilience to the residential essence, and the prime group “relatives” is only treated.

have to say,



I really have a lot of treasures, except

Space cream

In fact, there is still a


Zero cross cream

Also very easy. The skin will have a slight difference. I personally feel that the texture of space cream is more suitable for autumn and winter, and zero cream is very comfortable because of the lighter and more water.

Includes the effect above,

It is also more like a zero-cross-cutting version of the upgraded version, of which zero cream is more

Moisturizing + repair

And the space cream is

Brightening + anti-old


. So relatively young, afraid of the skin of the oil can choose zero cream,

Have a higher demand against the old, staying up late, the batch of expectations for the faster, direct use of space cream

And the price is invincible.

Wenyuan welfare

Buy 50ml to send 50ml equal to


Buy one get one free

Activity price 339 yuan cross-store full reduction – 30 to hand 309 yuan

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L’Oreal Space Cream

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