Justin Bieber 25-year-old lady worn bag hip skirt, lips expanded, referred to artificial carving


The 25-year-old Hailey Bieber as a flat model, she mounted the number of fashion magazines than her husband Justin Bibo. On April 10th, Haili took his latest beauty.


Haili Bibbee lips expanded, refers to artificial carving


In the photo, Haili wears a dark knitted dress, and a faint jujube red in the night sky, the large-scale hollow design makes her better show back lines. On the side of her waist, her waistline is more highlighting the contour of the ganyan curve. Haili combed the hair into a high hairstyle. She always scattered her hair casually, and there was no more stunning beauty. She looked back to the lens, slightly opened his mouth, and the ruddy cheeks were full of charming. The careful netizens found that Haili’s lips suddenly became full, and she thought of European and American penetration and appearances in the eyes of the public, belonging to the thin-cold long phase, for sudden expansive lips, people have to think about it. After artificial carving.


Or is it the same as a girlfriend supermother?


In another photo of Hai Li, her lips are also very eye-catching, just simply painting the transparent color of the bright color, let the lips become striking. It is not entirely a hole in the guess of Hai Li’s lips. Soon, her good sisters, Kental Jenna, who is in a contrast of thin lips, and now she has become the same lips. Shape, the comment area can’t help but guess whether it is two sisters to carry out artificial engraving. I have a sister with the same paragraph.


Kadan family has a beautiful trace

In fact, almost every one of the Kardashian’s sisters have been pointed out that there is a trace of medical beauty. For example, Jin Kadan’s famous buttocks, is filled with buttocks, and she goes directly to the hospital directly. , Shooting X-rays to confirm that your posture is shaped through fitness. For a week ago, Kleka Kadshan was “thin and fast”, but he was too sudden to have a hip shape, but she was directly on the social platform: “It’s just that the trousers are tailored. You will only believe in bad things. Child. “Kadingshan sister only has the smallest sister Kelly Jenna generous admit that he has received lip adjustment, but she immediately said that she had already taken the filler, and now her face is entirely born. In fact, no matter how you like it, it is the most important. Everyone is different from the definition and pursuit of beauty. Even if Hayley is really engraved, it is not very thick. After all, the lip lip is in Europe and America’s popularity. Half of half permanent.

Haili he oftens with Kalan’s good girlfriends in the week, but can see her arms not only do not have a bodybuilding muscle line, but it looks more relaxed in the Selfie. . Haili was in the hospital, so it could not continue to exercise, it could not continue to exercise. It can be seen that the muscles have been removed. The model needs to keep the body is really not a matter, but her waist line is still beautiful.

Big Square

Just a few hours of the photo of Haili, she immediately shared her with the fans and her husband Justin Bibo, and they were attached to each other on the hospice bridge. In this way, the lens of the original camera is like “immersive mirror”, it will take all the skin to make clear, not a general person dare to try. Hai Li is not only easy to control, but also completely, it is intentionally, but she is deliberately to deform the mouth to deformed, and seems to be in the refutational guessing.

When she took the award ceremony with her husband Bieber, she was pointed out that the small abdominal appearance is pregnant. She also replied directly to the reporter said: “There is no pregnancy, don’t worry.” Haili’s cool personality is too cool. Let people think that Wang Fei, who was reported by the reporter in many years, “Is there any relationship with you.”