White shoes Common Projects! Hot stamping digital is popular


Bao Wei / special report

小白鞋Common Projects!烫金数字风靡全球

No matter how fantastic joint name, it is more than a pair of classic little white shoes. Common projects is like this existence in the fashion, the brand’s small white shoes are simple, to talk about charming, just There is a mysterious “bronzing number” on the side of the upper surface, and it is unintentionally to become a popular global indicator shoe.

小白鞋Common Projects!烫金数字风靡全球

▲ (Figure 1) One of the back of the Common Projects behind the scenes. Flavio Girolami. (Figure / 10 IG)

The Common Projects behind the scenes is the Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami, which have been artistic guidance, and the two people have built many partnerships, so they will take the brand name as Common Projects, maintain the experimental spirit, and launched the first pair in 2004. White shoes design “Achilles”. It is more than ten years ago, when there is no multivariate classification, most of the world’s world of sneakers and shoes, so this 1528 Original Achilles is born, breaking many people’s definition of shoes, “This is a pair of simple and perfect sports shoe.”

Achilles strictly said that it is a low-sleeve tennis shoes, but under smooth version, there is no excess printing and car or decoration, with ultra-simple white running all, simply even the logo also saves, only the upper side left a mystery 10 “hot stamping numbers”, which is also such a minimalist style, which is unbiased in the heart of fashion fans. Then many people will have questions, what is the digital representative? Of course, it is not a chaotic print, but represents the shoe number, color, size, which is the exclusive code of the shoe.

小白鞋Common Projects!烫金数字风靡全球

▲ 10 “hot stamping numbers” of Common Projects represent shoes, colors, and dimensions. (Figure / 10 IG)

小白鞋Common Projects!烫金数字风靡全球

However, the light is too filled with the bronzing number, and the Common Projects is very simple. Flavio Girolami’s strict control of manufacturing, the birth of the shoe is born in the past 100-year-old leather NAPPA cowhide, handmade The car line, the care of small details, let Common Projects will always stand firm in light luxury shoes.

▲ “Black Phoenix” Sophie Turner is worn with the US model Martha hunta. (Figure / CFP)

In addition, Common Projects elongated body super modified leg type, becomes supermodel, European and American celebrities, and hundreds of potential is perfect to go in dress, leisure, sports, want to find the second pair of shoes, Not easy. Without high-profile publicity, Common Projects successfully made small white shoes into the people’s heart, and then launched a variety of brown, big earth, gray, but always constant is the common Summary.