GET Short Handling + Flat Shoes, Building this autumn and winter, the simplest high-end fashion mix


# 推 推 能 实 实 实 实 配 配 配,,,,,,

# Winter wear diary #

# 流 风 穿 #

I found a problem, why will it cool more Monday? Is it hard to cold air?


So cold weather is all kinds of warm coats or wear it. and

short jacket

I really can shorten the upper body and then match it.

High waist

The chest is the passage of the legs.

Today, share a “

Short outer casing + flat shoes

“The wearing, this is undoubtedly the liberation of feet and taking into account good looks!

Match 1: Short Down Jacket + Snow Boots


When the cold air is coming, the most of my wear is still this

Short down jacket

, Thick filling can bring me enough



sense of security



Although the white down jacket is not dirty, it can’t stop my favorite.

White down jacket


How to wear it is not fat? first


Try to choose


. I use this shirt and high-tie, and I have a stack of layers.

When you wear this kind of magent jacket, you must remember “


Under width

Black leggings

, Not only the identical legs, but also make the entire shape of the shape not bloated.


All said

snow boots

Ugly, I think it is ok, as long as you match the feeling of fashion. For example, I am above


White + black



This is a master, warm, fluffy down jacket, which gives people a feeling that is wrapped in clouds, so warm and comfortable.

There is also one of the waist of this down jacket.


Small design, don’t look at the short design, you can also show high waist.






Just prepare for warmth, after all cold air is coming, still a temperature.

Bright white down jacket does not dirty, it is better to

Ivory white


Down jacket, dirty while it is still enough.


Matching two: small fragrant wind coat + hairy shoes

Small wind

This spree has been scraped from the beginning of the year, still not reduced. When I am in winter, I love the little fragrant wind, how can I not start a few?

Lamb vine wind coat


White lamb coat is dotted with a golden button, as well as a marker round collar, with black

turtleneck sweater

It is more suitable for matching together.


Wool dress

It is my winter to the last stubborn in the skirt. Steeled

Woolen shoes


Special age.

In addition to white, pink small fragrant wind jackets must have. The outer layer is environmentally friendly imitation leather, and the fluff is rich and delicate, and the upper body is light and not pressed.

Look at the position of the leading mouth, the small fragrant wind inlaid, the famous happiness, the famous Valler UPUP! White high tie + small white trousers + white hair shoes combination, thief age.


The small fragrant wind jacket, sister can try it, give people a warm and gentle feel.

The inner tie, half-length skirts and hairy shoes are still white, and there is no contrast, but people look very comfortable.


Match three: locomotive jacket + leather short boots

Motorcycle jacket

It is a classic American clothing. A piece of winter

Locomotive cotton jacket


I can still wear handsome, practicing style.

The locomotive jacket is a good bought every cool girl! The jacket is okay.


Design, the end



Warm and comfortable, is very advanced outside


The falling of the cuffs also spliced ​​the lamb hair, creating a level of level. Take a black


, Step on a pair

Black boots

It is even more handsome.

The most classic locomotive jacket is this short section, with a high waist pants to wear, easy to optimize your body ratio, and make your legs well.

From the locomotive jacket to the inner, it is also black, although this is not suitable for work, but it is very attractive to the street.

When we wear

Small black pants

At the time, try to wear a black shoe, if I like this, put the trouser leg into the boots, it is very profitable.



“The three groups of mixeds are shared here. Is there a heart?

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Short outer casing + flat shoes


snow boots