Li Wei is very “Wang Fei Feng Fan”, wearing sweater to play disappearance, color in stockings are fashionable


As a daughter of Faye Wong and Li Yapeng, Li Wei has brought a strong star aura with his birth. The rabbit girl has now become a big girl in the slim. Li Wei has a super model, and the show of the major T is. The field showed a super-wind show, very fairy style, and very sexy in the wearing.

The 14-year-old Li Wei wears sweaters to play disappears, and the color of the color is fashionable. As the weather is constantly turning cold, the single item of sweater gradually became the most common single item on the street, and the tidal is full of very hundred. The sweater is usually more common in design with loose version, in the effect of presenting body curve. Not very good, but for Li Wei’s little girl is very suitable, the sweater of the sports style wears a feeling of unrestrained, Li Wei is more thin, wearing this slightly loose sweater looks loosely , Very small birds.


In the past, many people will match the slim jeans or skirts, but the long-term sweaters in the past two years have become more and more popular, and for legs In a way, the easing of the easing and the visual comparison of the dew throwing is transferred to the visual center of focus on the slender legs, which is simply a great opportunity to show your body.


The sports style is very suitable for this old girl, unconstrained while wearing a very comfortable, in the overall matching, the style of the sports wind is going to match a pair of simple sneakers on the foot, and the sneakers look very Rotten street, but hundreds of sex is unquestionable.

The long section of the denim jacket can also achieve the disappearance of the disappearance. It looks more to the sweater in the sweater, but there are few sports winds with some sweater. Both have chosen a rainbow striped stockings, the color of the rainbow stitching makes the girl’s livelihood and jumping.


The combination of sweater and shorts has been long, and like Li Wei’s way to match shorts. The feeling of disappears is relatively suitable for legs. If you want to be high, you can choose short sweater to pull The part of the high waist line, the proportion of the lower body is extended through the waist line, and the slightly seated sweater is also more light.


It is a sexy matching method that is comparable to European and American winds in the long section. This method of shorts is to prevent light, and the overall matching focuses on the upper body, so it can be appropriate The brightness of the sweater is used to present a better extractive effect.

The foundation pure white sweater with denim shorts very student, this sweater does not have much bright spot in design, but the overall matching effect is very simple, there is a very simple beauty, it is very suitable for campus.


Small children can make the sweater with shorts through high heels to carry out altitude, loose sweater with shorts, if they are mixed with sneakers, there is a feeling of sports girls, but there are fewer temperatures, like Zhou Dongyu Feats with a pair of sweaters with sweaters, high-heeled high-heeled boots, pointed style with high-heeled design with a sexy woman.

The easiest way to let the loose fat sweater to block the legs of the legs are to put the part of the clothing in shorts, but when the game must be used in small area, the plug will make the shorts and the part of the waist The drum capsule of the presentation is very obvious and waist. The plug of a little point in the corner can be used to present the height of the waistline and present an inadvertent beauty.


The match of sweater shorts is here! Simple basic single items often need a little tips to wear different colors, have you learned?

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