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Hello, I am sister.

Today, I will push the trial sample, from

L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Resessive Wrinkle Nourishing Day Cream


Try sample 1.5ml

(50ml of solid decoration, price ¥ 220)

This day cream is anti-aging, there is a live-saving grass active ingredient, plus Dermalift base lifting technology, acting on the inner layer of the skin.


Can promote the generation of 8 skin natural lifting factors and collagen

Thus so that the skin is restored. In addition, vitamin A can also help

Reduce wrinkles



The texture is a brightly cream, and it is very delicate and gently pushed. It is easy to absorb the massage. But for the oil skin sister, the dried skin is suitable, and the dry season in autumn and winter is also applicable.


L’Oreal Resessive Wrinkle Nourishing Eye Cream


(15ml of dress specifications, price ¥ 240)

The formula of this eye cream is also the Snowflake Active ingredient + Grassroots Tira Technology + Vitamin A, which can effectively confront the eye skin relaxation and fish-shaped, tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, and improve the overall eye profile.

L’Oreal Youth Password Enzyme Essence Gel Mask

(Dressing specifications 28g * 5 tablets, price 290)

This mask contains 98% purity fermentation essence and the gel matrix of high purity moisture, which can effectively soothes burn wounds and accelerate the skin’s new speed. Especially sisters with acne, can be effective

Promote acne marks, diminishing the initial acne marks, can also relieve oil secretion

. In addition, the calm effect and moisturizing effect is very good, and the feeling of the finished collagen is used.

Give you a heart, will you pay attention to me? ~

Try sample 1.5ml