This year, the fire is called “short upper + dragging pants”, which is highly thin, and the short child is worth a try.


In any season, it seems that it is the most important standard, but for women who really have taste and temperament, the shortcomings of their own body are covered, and the strengths are perfect, it is a set. Wearing the value of this existence.

The most classic need for the number of small children’s body is modified. For women who don’t have the advantage, the spring and summer wear is undoubtedly opened up a new stage, which will be significantly thin and spring and summer atmosphere. One wearing effect is the ultimate match target.


This year’s fire, “Shorter + Dragonfly Pants” became a mixed combination of a lot of children, wearing the effect and slim, and this is very fashionable, there is no Get to this combination Women, quickly follow this sharing!

[Classic style of short clothes]

I take a navel

In the hot summer, you don’t have to worry about the risk of cold, so the rolloves have killed a fashion path in the season.

Short-top tops completely show the slim waist skin

come out,

Fashion also highlights women’s little sexy charm



Tight design is a very good set of curves in the upper body.

Come out, make the whole body

Private profit and firming,

It is very stylish in the summer!

II word shoulder bubble sleeve shirt

The advantage of the belt shoulder is to be generous.


Show a straightening neck curve, as well as a sexy right angle shoulder curve



The design of the low collar is more beautiful to showcase.

Come, this is very classic in the summer in the summer, the location design in the cuff

The shape of the bubble sleeves, instantly exposes it, the girl’s breath

Come out,

Short design


Show the lifted waistline, high and thin

III loose short jacket

The last style is the common loose version of everyone, and the overall design of the short jacket belongs to


A relatively loose design, the comfort is very high

The second advantage is

Boss is easy to act

, The chest and the shoulder also have the position of the waist,

If the child is more, this loose version is the most suitable “black meat” choice.

, Of course, length

Don’t choose a navel

The design will expose the body defect.

[Key to the pants]

Key 1: Style design

✔ Wide leg pants

The first paragraph is the most classic wide legs,

Loose leather leg design can cover the shortage of the legs

Effect, for the lower body of women, such a style is really less, and

The design length of the mop can be directly eliminated.

, Let the proportional standard and long look.

✔ bifurcation design


Very popular “scissors” dragging pants are naturally indispensable in this summer, general


Pants legs in scissors are more divided or slightly loose shapes, which will not be too broad.

So the modification of the leg

It will also be smooth and slender

The result of


The length of the mop is plus the design of the bifurcation, and the proportion of legs and calves

Very useful, stylish and modified body.

Key 2: Material

Classic cowboy

The most common and most classic mopping materials are naturally denim,

The match of jeans can be called the existence of never.


, And generally cowboy


Material tactile


The overall presented texture is very obvious


The material line does not look good or a relatively thick woman, and the material with cowboy will be more different and stable.

The four seasons are worth the existence of starting.

➋ cotton heavy plies

The second paragraph is a more obvious and heavy cotton. The material of this class is the most common and exposed, so

The comfort is very high, and the flexibility is very easy to act.



The heavy plit character is also made to the temperament of the wear, and the line is smooth and no drag.

Even if it is dragging the pants style,

It is also very obvious that the modification and lining ability are also


Key 3: Color

✫ basic color

The most stable and wrongful primary option, of course

Black and white ash and big earth color


White system:

Simple and elegant and highlights its fresh atmosphere.



It is very suitable for women with thick legs, thin and able to emphasize the smooth lines of the lower body.

Earth color system:

Wearing a retro, fashion, and gentle texture, in summer, light tones are mainly!

✫ fresh light tones

In addition to the choice outside the basic colors, I really recommend that everyone is trying to match.

The light toned mop is mainly, it will be more refreshing and simple temperament.

Come, dark club seems to have no fashion, full of dullness, in spring and summer, it is really avoided such a dressing.

{Light blue, pink pink, light purple, light yellow}, etc. These easy color matching and good look

The color is the most suitable.

[Shirt + Dragmat Tips]

(1) Color system is stable

The combination of short-top and dragging pants is a high and thin existence, but the color matching in color is not ignored. It is recommended that you have other colors outside of jeans.

It will be better to use light tones and base color.

The upper body can be matched

Basic color or simple colors, wear {hierarchical, fashionable, simple}

, Still have to be in summer


(2) Torked the feeling of layers

The short-length matching combination is to improve the horizontal position of the waistline, so that the overall body is more high and the proportion is perfect, but it is necessary to wear a sense of layers.

Pay attention to the combination of “elastic combination”,

Shirts and dragging pants are naturally

Tight and dressed wearing, there is a little lazy in the small lazy feeling, really lining the temperament.

(3) the style is going to be clear

Casual comfort

: The upper body is equipped with a comparative slim or a style loose short shirt. The lower body is equipped with the mopping pants of denim, the whole is a relaxing and comfortable and aggravated temperament, and it is recommended when playing.


: The upper body can choose the short designs of the slings wear, show the upper arms, straight corner shoulders, and the skin of the clavicle and the waist, highlight the little sexy breath, the lower body can choose denim toward pants, cotton material All, the overall effect is to highlight the charm and good quality.


The combination of “Shirt + Tilight Pants” is also known as the perfect debut of the short-length combination. It is really modified for the proportion of the body. The above share believes that everyone must find a few of them. Single item, don’t hesitate, get started! The message area has been prepared for you, welcome everyone’s message + just praise, we will see it in the next period!