Wood Village Guangxi wears pink European root yarn dress elegant sweet, star second generation expressions who are stronger?


Hello everyone.

I wrote a lot of works, today we change your topic, come to a relaxed content. I just saw the daughter of the wood village

Mu Village


Attended photos, fifteen-year-old little girl wearing a piece

Pink green printing European root dress

, Fresh and sweet and beautiful.

Last year, I started to shoot advertisements for the magazine. It seems that this direction is


. This girl is more than 170, and now it is estimated that it is taller. Her Dad Toward Takuo once is red, Asian superstar, has a massive fans. These fans like the port, claiming is her ancestral fan.

Ren Qingjia

There is another one to attract me these two days.


Star second generation

That is the daughter of Ren Dahua and Qiqi.

. This girl was only 14 years old and started to take a magazine last year. Ren Qingjia’s condition is also very good, long-term fresh atmosphere, and the body is almost 180. Fashion features are also very good.

Let’s talk about the top of the entertainment circle today, see how these little girls are fashionable.

▲ Mu Village Guangxi mainly pat


, Give the brand station station. For age is still too small, these two work are relatively simple. Guangxi is often treated by people

Too mature

. But this is also something that there is no way. The big name is basically prepared for mature women, and the little girls are wearing, nature is old and autumn. The above figure is that she gave the Chanel station two days ago, wearing a dress of a slim bag, holding a wine red bag, very mature.


But this is superior. The irregular curve is exquisite.


▲ This fall is started to take the T stand, this is the T-style shape that she is in front of her. It seems that the future direction is supermodel. The performance is not bad.

This set of sports winds are all right for her.

▲ The daily private service of Guangxi is still




Mainly, it is her girl’s girl. She is also used to wear sportswear, a blue T-shirt with a dark blue sportswear, the foot is white sneakers, put the white small coat in the waist.

Certain daily wear.


Black small vest with denim cone pants

Simple and refreshing. The youth mode should be so. The hardware of Mu Village is a good hardware, plus the parent’s radioplane, and has an infinite potential for future development.

▲ Ren Dahua and Qi Qi’s daughter


It is also a match between the two generations. This girl is 14 years old. The child is so fast 180. The picture above is her shed. The original picture is not repaired. This leg is really ahead. It is thin and long. And this is still wearing a pair

White stockings


Effect. This sock is divided into two cuts, which is short. Even so, her leg is still very long.

▲ This picture is a finished picture of the above shed. This expression is not bad. Her clothes are very nice, black small high-end dress, one side with a small tail, very fashionable.

▲ Black sequins high-spirited short-sleeved tops, with a umbrella skirt. The foot is black boots.

Beautiful and cool hipster girl

. Hair is a simple long straight hair, which is very suitable for young girls with young girls.

▲ Let me think this girl is amazing is the picture above. She participated in Dior’s activities with my mother Qi Qi before two days. Wear one piece

Black and white lattice skirt, wearing double black boots on your feet

, The waist wide black waist waist can improve the waist line. It seems particularly good figure. The skirt of this black and white gant skirt is still small, very fashionable, and there are some college winds that cannot be ignored. It is very suitable for 14-year-old Ren Qing.

Ren Qingjia this time is good, the makeup is simple and dry, the hair style is also very refreshing, very nice.


Ren Qingjia’s fashion business is well developed. I also saw her and Chen Feiyu today. Good condition, plus the parents’ help, the future is not limited.

Xu Yiwen

▲ daughter of small S


Also take a journal. I found that these Star Er generation beats started with a magazine. It is estimated that this is easy to shoot TV drama movies. Xu Qiao Niu’s long phase is not a beautiful girl in the traditional sense, but it is more characteristic. Fashion is very good.

▲ The magazine she took is large, very cool.

There is a kind of cool feeling that I am, different from the maturity of Mu Village, and also different from Ren Qingjia.

Xu Qiao Niu’s gas field is still more powerful. Thick Qi Liuhai, long hair, red sweater with black water skirt. A little little girl.

▲ This whole black shape,

Handsome and Zhang Yang

. There is still domineering in the clothes in the clothes. However, Xu Qiao Niu is in the fashion circle is also a photographic magazine and look at the show. She should be based on film and field. Her future is also a bright future with my mother’s little s and aunt.



▲ The above three Xing Er generation has already been taken. The second generation of the second generation that has not been taken is most worthy of expectation is

Huang Lei and Sun Li’s daughter are yellow

. From “Where Dad,” walking into the yellow, the yellow, the yellow look is thirteen. Falling very nice. Slim and sweet and cute. The picture above and the mother took a photo together, and the yellow jacket was well-behaved.


▲ Don’t see more than 13 years old,



Aspects have been very experienced. It turned out that this color was changed several times. Every time I change, I hot. This is much more concerned that many stars are all. The picture above is her take the airport with Dad, wearing a black T-shirt with cattle pants, the feet are white sneakers. Head wears a black big coach, very fashionable.

In addition to fashion, Huang Duo is still very moving, can write the script independently, and will play the piano.

A very good little girl. See if she will enter the entertainment circle in the future.


▲ Tian Liang and Ye Yizhen’s daughter


Sen disc

Long is also very beautiful. This year is also eleven years old. Long especially cute sweet. The picture above is the photo of her to the violin, wearing a piece

White and red lace stitching dress

,Very beautiful. Cute and bright.

▲ A four-port value of Tian Liang is very high.

Synn discs and brothers wear, all white letters sweater plus jeans,

Simple and refreshing. Look at the Sen disc will not pat or play a magazine or play.



▲ Lu Yi is my male god, his family’s daughter

It is also a top two generations. This little girl has a clear show and height has also inherited the height of his parents. And sing very well. Lu Yi’s cultivation of daughters is also exhausted. Don’t look at Beibei, and the magazine is also moving. The picture above is a photo taken by children’s magazine, wearing

Red plaid shirt, a gray T-shirt, then match a cowboy skirt, the foot is black boots, it is quite fashionable.

▲ Lu Yijia still has a little daughter, the two daughters of his family are very elephant, all


. Small leaves are still small,

The eleven-year-old Beller is already a small girl’s style.

. Wearing a red dress black dress is very nice, there is still a little elegant in the elegant. I don’t know that Baier will not be evident in the future.

These star second generation is really top-papers, parents are high, and the cause is also very good. If they have a lot of detours. Who do you like these beautiful little girls?


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Mu Village

Mu Village

Mu Village

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Ren Qingjia

Ren Qingjia

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