Many women will not “buy clothes”, and they are still good! Do not understand the correct selection, must be lost


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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.

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Is it still suitable for clothes? Today, continue to the magic wardrobe real exercise dry goods series sharing.

More and more discovered,

Clothes and people

I can’t say a story. Dressing, eating, day after day, seemingly small things, but clearly written “Who I”, the personal label is very bright.

A person who likes to take a leisure style, with an emphasis on elegant people, the attitude and techniques of fashion pursuit is quiz; a body like porridge, with a dine-free, how can the temperament? What?

Everyone is both the protagonist, and the passengers in other people’s lives; everyone is both the king, a small as mustart. and

Fashion dress

It is precise to the protagonist, seeing two people to grasp the seven identity.

It has 2 purposes:

Be in pleasant

, Highlight people’s charm, express personalism;

Two in touch

While others are pleasing, they can also be comfortable …

For the first style, we tend to be plus, even for a hundred-changing style, no effort. For the second, let others comfortably, and the scenes, many people do not.


In fact, this is above the fashion dress.

Personal education


Sublimation, is an elegant and humority of adults, and a person who is a person’s happens and a festival, and is also the most basic dress etiquette.

This is the high-order use of the magical wardrobe above the change. For a long time, Lu Wei analyzed a series of


Magic wardrobe

Dry goods.

Starting today, continue its high-level wear dry goods refining. Different from the theory of the Bunch of the Cabinet, which can be discounted, can be rejected, and it has been a sharing attitude that Luo Wei insisted on.

For example, how to buy clothes? How to balance how to balance? How can I become a master? How to buy it is precise to buy clothes? Can you still spend money?

Do not stop buy buy,


, Know how to pay, understand the selection, deserve everyone to learn. Luo Wei will

Material, color, design

One analysis of three aspects.

First: Good material

Type, color, quality, pattern, known as the four elements of clothing, determine the total style of the costume. Thousands of changes, let the style is more confusing.

Want to make precise


Skilled in four elements, and cooked their focus on the side of the style, and then combined with the individual’s long phase, the temperament style is selected.

For the material, please grasp the following major points:


Material determines the style

A set of wearing, material decisions roughly matched. In short, in the comparison of styles,



At least occupied


The influence. For small white, the impact ratio can be increased to 80%.

For example, fabric is soft and hard, delicate and rough, smooth, thick and thin, natural and excellent, elasticity and firm, gloss and matte …


It has already been very far away.



Taking advantages, common cotton spin, linen, top, soft, shiny, clearly identifiable from these five pants. Throw the color, only from the material to experience the difference in their style.

Therefore, before the selection, ask yourself 2 questions: First, whether it is suitable; Second, whether it is consistent with the demand.

Next, in the selection of common materials, Luo Wei has these recommendations:


Style material style

The fabric is good and bad, determines a piece of clothes.


Impression value

. Important things or occasions, or meet with people, or want to leave a good impression to others …

I hope to wear beautiful, I look forward to causing the other party to pay attention, it must be a dress with “upper pad”. Instead, meet with familiar people, or want comfort, and casual fabrics are preferred.

Therefore, a mature woman must



Advantages and Disadvantages

It is bamboo to make them to the closet.


Generally divided into

3 types

: The eye-catching panesick fabrics, casual fabrics, and the fabric between the two. On this basis, two kinds of clothes are derived.

They are:


Ripe wind, casual style


Ripe wind


: The mature feeling of different fabrics increases with the arrow. Trends> Cashmere> Ma Hai> Artificial Fiber> Soft Cotton> Elastic Cotton


: In the direction indicated by the arrow, the casual sense increases. Linen

Simple to a T-shirt,


Different, leading to the wind and ripe winds. The more delicate, the more soft, the more shiny, the more mature and elegant; the more rough, the more hard, the more leisure and ordinary.


Woman taste ~ soft

Age, identity, occasion, demand, different requirements. The same clothes, change a material, maybe it will be another Liu dark flower.

Regardless of the price, no matter how the style, the age is more than 30 years old, please remember:


Soft fabric



The most concentrated. Even if it is like a leather, soft is also a passive elegant label.

Second: Good color

Wear color, after the fabric, it is the color. when necessary,

Material + hue


It is an important fashion selection basis. They not only decide a person’s color, temperament, but also a style of game.

Let’s take a look at 2 cases:


1, fancy, gorgeous clothes

Some clothes, I feel exaggerated, fancy, gorgeous feelings, but I don’t know where the problem is. This situation is generally exquisite and gorgeous.

If there is a fancy, gorgeous, there is a significant sexy, then there must be a lot: the lines are contour. Also, if it is just a feeling of fancy, it may be cheap, the texture is not enough, the color is bright, too slim.


2, tender clothes

It is not a shortcomings, but refers to aggravation, biased young clothes. General appearance

Material leisure + color tone gorgeous

In the style. By the way, if the version is loose, you will disinterate the cheap and cheap tones.

Material, hue, version, not necessarily in style, and learn to identify. As shown in the following figure, the same pink, a leisure age, a double-style force for a mature, fabric and version, is particularly evident.

Next, for common costumes, Luo Wei has something to say:



Before picking, please set the hue. Mainly from: personal skin color, temperament characteristics, occasional needs, like different factors.

Elegant tone

: Add beige, gray

Any color, too much beige or gray, will become gentle. Like the healing color, Moradi color, Moeti, etc., most changing.

Joyful tone



Any color, too high, will look lively and light. Especially dark deep colors,


It is a necessary method for skin color. Want to age, young, do not miss it.

Yes, happy color adjustment



To avoid abrupt, balance is enhanced, so that the wearer looks gentle.

Fresh color

: High saturation


The freshness of high saturation, a color tone. Gorgeous, exaggerated, high, bright, eye-catching, eye-catching, deeply mature woman. Can be seen from fit, very picking up.

For those who are unparalleled, the body, the temperament is unparalleled, there is no doubt; in addition to this, a large and bright strengthening will only be disabled.

Therefore, when you choose this type of clothes, you have to ask yourself:

I fit the ratio

how many? large area? Medium area? small area? Top or lower? Print or accessories? Clear your own driving, how to choose a glimpse.

A perfect magic wardrobe,

Elegant tone, cheerful tone, fresh color

It should have a suitable proportion. Combine personal situations and seasonal atmospheres, refine to every item.


Like spring and summer, the elegant tones of autumn and winter, the freshness of the four seasons in the year … Corresponds to different categories, vary.

Black and white ash

Black and white gray, also known as colorful. It is both a new hand ashamed, and it is a heavy color of the old fashionable fine. Regardless of the clothing foundation, it can be upgraded with it.

For new hands, please pay attention to:

Question 1: Cautious use black

Remember, black is not a hundred colors. When you still don’t know if you can control the black size, please try to avoid large-area use. It seems to be thin, but heavy, male, official sense, more helpless.

Close to the black top, avoid high collar,

Round neck, V collar

Good; reduce the black area of ​​the body; no limit.

Question 2: Wonderful white




, A word broken white fashion. When wearing it, it will be ingenious and it is unresolved. Like the inside, embellishment, shoe bag jewelry, far more expensive than large-scale white clothes.

As for a white, it is handed over to the body, and the temperament is good.

Question 3: Black and white gray mix

Black and white gray mix, perfect! If you do this, please try it, the only thing you need to pay attention is


Control three


The area ratio is between. There are a lot before sharing, no longer.

No color inadequate

Many people like to do all kinds of style tests, and the results will always get a lot of discomfort suggestions. In the color of clothing, only if you don’t dare to wear, don’t want to wear, not

Not suitable

Any color, there are endless fusion spaces. Change the hue, change the fabric, and change the design, that is, resolution. For example, cute sweet pink + row lines + top …


3 color matching method

Have to say, although the 3-color matching method is mixed, but it is a tried unique color match. No matter how it is compatible, just control the color of the whole body

3 colors

/ Within color, it is not easy to go wrong.

main color tone

: The largest area is the largest, or the most eye-catching

Auxiliary tone

: The area is in main tone, or the auxiliary use



: Also known as strengthening tones, the effect of ending and finishing


Don’t be bound by some concepts when using. Like some people say that black and white ash is not counted, some people say that white is not counted, but in Luo Wei’s view, any color has a say, will affect the overall, the key is

How do you want it? !

For example, 2 sets below, one white is inner, it is auxiliary color; a white as a color, there is a wonderful painting, the use is different.



Color line

Tracked, unourtured advanced color matching Dafa. The advantage is that the maturity is stable, paying attention to the atmosphere; the disadvantage is too uniform color, it is inevitable!

One is another, how can it become? Luo Wei has a universal tower method: use



nitty gritty

Manufacturing three-dimensional

. A set of matching, as long as the stereo, the lively breath is activated.

For example, the difference between the black color line, fabric, and hue of the figure below is not obvious, can’t fall. But after the gloss brown bag and the golden single shoes are in the fetched, the fresh age is not too obvious!

In addition, when wearing

It is also very important. For example, the shirt opens a button, creating a small sexy; pull up the sleeves, enjoy the free shot; with the open sandals, manufacture the skin …

Learn to give a suit of the same color tone, make a tramful atmosphere, and the iron will win the stylish atmosphere.

Yes, wear different colors suitable for yourself.


To enhance them to a personal style label, Luo Wei feels necessary.

For example, black, white, gray, rice and other basic colors, how to wear the same color of “I”? What is fresh? What is the matching method suitable for “I”?

Everyone is certainly different from everything. To find them, this is your unique capital, but also avoiding the symbol of the same color.


Like dark blue, wisdom atmosphere, can not protect the old words.

Blue white stripe shirt

Introduction, rarely, no accessories, saving people.

Restricted to the space, the analysis of the design is placed in the next share. I hope to have a little inspiration to you!

Please pay attention to Luo Wei, see you tomorrow!


I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.


I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!


If you have confusion, you can privately, welcome to leave a message, we grow together on the road to become a beautiful road!











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