When the Soviet female soldier is killed, why always wear a short skirt instead of military pants? Very emotion


Let’s read lead China, just to present a different history.

I will not feel unfamiliar with female soldiers. Since modern times, female soldiers have gradually emerged in the military, but generally serve as auxiliary role such as medical troops, communication soldiers, and is inferior to men, and female soldiers are rarely allocated as infantry. However, during the war, due to the tension of the soldiers, the female soldiers will also rush on the battlefield to protect the country. The most typical is the Soviet female soldier in the Second World War.


▲ Soviet female soldier old photos

As we all know, the Second World War is a global war in the history of human history, the largest number of deaths and injuries. There are 61 countries and regions, with 2 billion people involved, and the total number of casualties has exceeded 90 million. Because the war is unprecedented, the front of the front is unprecedented, many participating countries are difficult to bear the expenditure of military expenditures, and can not organize the modern army to fight the enemy, and can only announce the state to enter the emergency state. As a country where the victims of casualties during the Second World War, the Soviet Union was almost all-in-the-civil soldiers.


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During the Second World War, the Soviet government took a batch of female soldiers who had a batch of fierce, these Soviet women’s soldiers were beautiful, and they were burly, and the fighting power was quite powerful. It was not inferior to male soldiers. However, the Soviet female soldier finally renowned the world or their dress – no matter when the Soviet female soldier wearing a neat military dress, even the fight against the enemy is no exception. Many people may feel doubts, although the skirt is comfortable, the style is beautiful, very popular, but this is not convenient for the war, let alone kill the enemy. On the battlefield, the female soldiers will be bound to be bound by wearing a military dress, and even affect the defeat of the defeat.


▲ Soviet military officer old photos

So, why do Soviet female soldiers still have to wear a skirt? For these issues, the Soviet government is actually very clear. In fact, the Soviet female soldiers entered the army in the late stage of the war. In the early World War, the Soviet Union was not equal to a handleman, but did not call the female soldier due to strong strength. In the middle of the war, because the front is too long, the Soviet military source is insufficient, the Soviet Union is decided to call the female soldiers. The Soviet female soldier will wear a skirt to meet the Nazis, not only because the military skirt is comfortable, but also because of the social environment of the male women.

▲ Soviet female soldier with a dress

At that time, the women’s status in the world was generally low. The Soviet male political mission is particularly serious. In the Soviet male eyes, the female soldiers have contributed to the motherland to make a big breakthrough, I want them to enjoy the same treatment with the male soldier and wear Male military uniforms, it is not possible, and female soldiers must wear women’s fighting. Furthermore, the skirt has always been the traditional costumes of the Soviet women. In the universal concept of the Soviet Union, women’s trousers are a very indecent move, and even the phenomenon of the Soviet women’s trousers are arrested. Due to custom habits and thought bondage, the Soviet female soldiers had to wear military skirts, even if they are cold winter, female soldiers still have to wear a military dress.

▲ “Sude War” old photos

This phenomenon eventually triggered the strong condemnation of the Allies and considered the Lack of Soviet Union. Over time, the Soviet Union also realized that the female soldiers wearing a military dress in winter, not as if they wear men’s military trousers, while the combat capability can also improve, this is ordered to allow female soldiers to wear military pants in winter. What is awkward is that the powerful combat power of the Soviet female soldier is not only related to wearing a skirt or military pants, but also related to the miserable end of them. In the history of World War II, there have been more than 1,000 Soviet female soldiers who graduated from the design colleges will have a victory of 1.2 million Germans, and their combat power is so strong, because they will face more ordinary if they defeated Male soldiers are more brutally refined – do not want to be insulted by the enemy and then kill, then they can only fight hard. This kind of inequality is really awkward.



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