Sweater + half-length skirt is the temperament of winter, ordinary people are worn, and temperament is high.


In the winter cold season, wearing warmth is the basic needs of people, wearing from this perspective. If you really consider it, there is a fashion CP worth learning a beautiful star to learn. It is a sweater + half-length skirt, saying that this is very popular, belonging to the temperament.

The most important advantage is that it is very simple to match, combined with common clothes in the wardrobe. Even the ordinary people are also very popular. The temperament of the whole person has become very advanced. If you don’t know how to wear in winter, you may wish to follow it, and good clothes are perfect.

Match one: pay attention to color matching harmony


This kind of CP is necessary, it is necessary to wear, pay attention to color contrast. It seems that there is a sense of level, the details are quite high, and it makes up for the clothes of the clothes.

This style is worn, and the shape is very simple, and it can be easily interpreted by using the above comparison. Even with the color of the same color, the brightness is appropriately transformed, the basic model wears a classic and advanced. You may wish to pick some colors with a very high color contrast, put the black skirt down the lower body, and the practical function is obvious.


Emphasizing the color of the color of the basic black and white ash, the shape is not limited to a fixed mode, and the color is appropriately changed, bringing a different fashion effect. Even if the ordinary people are wearing, there is also a strong seniority, which is worthy of love. If you feel too old, you can wear a white skirt and look very well.


Match 2: Application of various fashion elements

The sweater + half-length skirt is in the fashion circle, and it has always been recognized by people, wearing an epidemic element. Change people’s monotonous impression on the shape, like the beige of the blogger, and the pleated skirt, the fashion is strong enough.


There is also a kind of matching, it is very popular, it is bright + white. Visually look very gentle, and a gentle and elegant style, the audience is quite large. Choose low saturation white, but also brighten the skin white. This shape is wearing a white sweater, and the capsule is obvious. The skirt wearing a pleated element, draw the length of your legs.

Emphasize the application of popular elements, is not limited to design, and there is color. For example, green sweaters, white sweaters, etc., are very common, many of the beautiful women’s wardrobes will have a few, very good. This color saturation is not particularly high, and the difficulty is difficult, there is a gentle breath. The next black skirt is wearing a thin classic wearing, the length of the legs is drawn.


Match three: investigate the kind of gas

Some people wear sweaters + half-length skirts, and one feature is to like to pursue the fondress, simply vitality. It is visually created a feeling of atmosphere, and the age-standing style is very highlighted.


This model chooses a sweater, choose that long section, and it is obvious. It is very popular in the cold season, and the warm function is very powerful. The skirt selection skirt, the color is in white, and it will not feel too monotonous. There is also a blue skirt, giving people a good impression.


There is also a plaid sweater on the style of the sweater, watching it is very energetic, the youth is strong. It is very popular with a high-collar sweater, wearing a loose skirt below, adding some popular elements, and the age-age. The style is pursued in the style, bringing a warm feeling in the cold season.

Match four: proper transformation, different style

Some people like to wear this style, do not like to pursue the common shapes in the past, watching too monotonous. Sometimes it is emphasized that the style is appropriately changed, and it will bring unexpected surprises.

This sweater is equipped with a skirt, trying different styles, and smarts together. Such as sweaters choose that plush, it is a bold attempt, interpretation of lazy. There is also a half-length skirt to choose the kind of grit design, the impression is very good, a little small flowers. There is also the style of choosing the basic paragraph, which is used in black and creates the kind of high-cooler.

The kind of wild style is a common single product in the fashion circle, which has always been very popular. Sweater + leather is simply matched together, giving people an impression. Half-length skirts use non-mainstream style, quite popular, undergoing long boots, visual effects very popular.

In fact, this kind of CP is wearing, visually looks very eye-catching, with different single product visual effects. Even if the same sweater can be matched with different skirts. It is good to give people a good impression.


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