Autumn and winter jackets, 9 sets of students jackets, younger want to play an advantage


Young is rich, I have never understood, now you can find younger, especially the era of students, carefree, you can enjoy your youth. So today, I will share the students to wear, nine sets of special fashionable fashion, don’t wear it, I am wrong.

Plush jacket

Girls are very much like the plush coat, close to the skin and very warm, and the plush coat they have a lovely feeling, so it is especially suitable for small children. This plush jacket, loose version, is more casual.


Secondly, this coat is in design, splicing, white as the main tone, black modified corner, very eye-catching, super attractive eye. Because the upper body is loose, so the lower body chooses the slim short footpants, the upper width, the perfect curve of the body.

Lamb coat


Lamb coats are an aged and cute single product. Because of the special lamb, let the whole clothes have a unique taste. Secondly, this kind of Korean version of the style, fashion age, but it is just that students are appropriate.

Especially the big grid design, full of retro style, with a wide-leg pants, catering the current epidemic elements, retro, young, very worth trying.

Japanese cotton clothes

The Japanese style is filled with fresh and sweet, and it is simple and generous. This cotton suit is great, especially the girl with a microlly meat. It can cover perfect, with wide leg pants, casual pants, light and fashionable.

Secondly, this color is lined with skin, which is more and more and cute, with a head, invincible version.

down jacket


White down jackets will always like to be afraid, always worry. So how can we stand out for thousands of down jackets?

This down jacket is a small fairy style, a sweet and cute style, because it joins the design of the button in the part of the clothes, which is more age-aged and conforming to the temperament of the students. So it is very successful in design, suitable for girls.

Retro wind down jacket

Rose red down jacket is definitely a salt of salt, then this kind of rose red vintage style, the short color of the rose is bright, and it is sweet and a woman. And keep warm. So, like this down jacket, it’s quite shiny, it looks like a stylish.

H version of the down jacket, the girl with a slight fat, it is also super suitable, then rose red with black, and white match, is the best combination, white inner t-shirt clean white, black pants, modification Leg type is thin.

woolen coat


The woolen coat, a little mature taste, and can highlight the gentle and elegant temperament of the girl, so the woolen coat is also a must-have item. Then this pure white woolen coat is really suitable for students to wear, clean and neat.


The woolen coats are wearing, especially long covers all the legs, so the pants are not too important to wear it, and the opposite scarf is very important. The grilled scarf adds a bit of a branch of women.



The king of the annual seasons, then sweaters can be worn outside. For students, purple romantic and warm, loose layers, with straight pants, handsome and thin.




Many people like mink, bring their own temperament, but it is easy to be old, so it is a bit difficult for students.

But this short coat, dark coffee colors, did not feel old, so students choose short, and the outer row collar is the most appropriate. A white T-shirt, the length routinely, the outer exterior, the trendy trend is modeled. Avoid moving with the elderly, with straight jeans, very in line with students’ temperament. So a piece of item, whether it will be some shortcomings, with a very important relationship with the match.

These sets of wear, do you like it?