What is platinum 999? Which is better than the platinum 950? What is the meaning of the diamond ring?


Men will go to buy a diamond ring before marriage, and the careful men will find that there is some words in the diamond ring. Don’t just think that these words are the brand logo. In fact, there are still some special meaning. For example, PT999 or PT950 is carried out, which means that the material of the diamond ring is a platinum 999 or 950. Do you know which one is better? What kind of good choice is to buy asking for wedding diamond rings?



What is the difference between platinum 999 and 950?


Our PT as seen in the inner wall of the diamond ring is platinum, so PT999 means that the content of the material is as high as 99.9% and above, and the PT950 represents a platinum content of 95%, so the difference between the two is mainly reflected in platinum. On the content of the content, the content of the platinum will affect the hardness and ductility of the material, so the styles applicable to the production of the production are different.



Which of the platinum 999 and 950 is better?

If we only look at these two materials from the purity, it is naturally a higher purity 999 material better. But for the diamond ring, the hardness of the 999 material is low, the texture is soft, so the production of a diamond ring will result in a strong firmness, so it is commonly used to make a necklace, ear, and other jewelry; compared to the hardness of the 950 material Higher, strong firmness, whether necklace, earrings or diamond rings, 950 materials are very suitable. Therefore, buy a diamond ring is preferably 950 material.



What kind of good choice is to buy asking for wedding diamond rings?

Men’s choices should be more effort in the meaning of the meaning of the shackles, it is best to choose the meaning of love, the style of love, such as Levis, real name customization, the diamond ring is only sent one person, the meaning of only one thing is only one, so Said that the only diamond ring can touch the inner heart of the girl, and the proposal is not wrong.

If we buy jewelry for purposes only, it is recommended to choose a strong 950 material, which is more purity 999 more than the purpose of collecting.