Liquor Encyclopedia: More affordable ration wine, I recommend fragrant white wine


How can we choose tens of dollars of ration wine in the market in the market?

Three Basic Fragrant Fragrance

Let’s first understand the fragrance of liquor. There are many incense types of liquor in my country. There are currently 11 types of incense types in the national standard. In addition, the “Dong incense type” and Xiaoqu fragrance type are widely recognized.

The causes of different fragrance types are mainly different in wine songs, raw materials, cellar ponds and fermentation processes. There are many kinds of fragrant types in the different combinations of wine songs, raw materials, cellar ponds and fermentation processes. But all the incense types are derived from the three basic incense types: thick, clear, and sauce.

These three kinds of fragrant liquor are currently the largest share in our liquor market. Whether it is flavor or from the market, we can’t avoid these three fragrant liquor. When choosing your own grain and wine, what kind of fragrant type is more affordable and cost -effective?

First push incense type liquor

There is such a story circulating in the liquor industry. At the third “People’s Congress” held in 1965, the wine industry Thai Dou Qin Hanzhang said to the elder sister Deng Ying who was sitting beside him: “If the prime minister must drink, it is recommended to drink some Fenjiu Let’s. “Deng Yingchao asked the reason, Qin Hanzhang replied:” ‘Fenjiu pure “.


Master Ji Keliang, former chairman of Moutai, from Qin Hanzhang, Qin Lao Ji Keliang’s short videos about Helicobacter pylori have watched many people. Qin Lao said:

Are you seeing it?


Essence It is also a great heart. Qin Lao said that Fenjiu is pure. In fact, Qin Lao is a pure person: as a technology worker, he is very clear that no drop of alcohol is healthy and does not drink alcohol for the purpose of health. Be sure to drink or drink some Fenjiu. I think it is real.


Fragrant white wine is pure

Among the three major incense types, the content and types of fragrant substances of fragrant liquor are the least. Its aroma is mainly acetate ethyl elegant and clear aroma, pure fragrance, and rarely other evil odors. There is always a “dry” feeling in the mouth. This is the purity of the fragrance type in flavor material.

From the perspective of brewing technology, the fragrance -type liquor is also more pure than other incense. my country’s traditional liquor uses alcohol and flavor substances to use various microorganisms in wine songs and brewing environments. The more complicated and rich in the aroma of liquor, the longer and more complicated the fermentation process, the more microorganisms and quantities. So there is a saying of “mixed steaming and firing, continuous slag fermentation” and “thousand -year old cellar for thousands of years” of strong fragrant liquor. There are also the “12987” multi -wheeled fermentation and multiple steamed wines of sauce -flavored liquor.

There are mud cellars in strong fragrant liquor, and sauce -flavored white wines have stone cellars, which can be attached and breed all kinds of microorganisms. The fragrance -type liquor uses a pottery, and every fermentation needs to be cleaned. Fenjiu’s secrets are:

The device must be clean. It is to reduce the emergence of mixed bacteria and let wine produce odor.


Fragrance -type liquor is more cost -effective

Fragrant liquor generally only needs to ferment twice and twice. Each round of fermentation cycle is also short. There are no new grains and lees, and do not need to “mix and mix”. Moreover, the fragrance -type liquor process has a high alcohol rate and shorter time, so that the brewing cost is lower.

In particular, the blessing of new technologies and new technologies allows us to master the fragrance -type liquor. The fermentation container can be tiles, stainless steel, cement, etc. It is easy to expand production, and the mud cellar and stone cellar with strong fragrance and sauce. On the use of songs, bran, glycated enzymes, and esters can increase yield, and ensure the flavor. This can be taken to see the information of Red Star Erguotou’s official website.

The fragrance, especially the sauce, is complicated because of the flavor and the characteristics of the cellar pools. It is difficult to use too much modern technology and technology. Therefore, at the price section of tens of yuan, especially the price of less than 50, many of the fragrant white wine are “solid liquid liquid liquor”, let alone drink within 50 yuan. It’s right.

Indeed, different in aroma composition, which causes fragrance -type liquor to be not as rich as the ester -like ester, and not as complicated and elegant as sauce. But spending the same money, especially the ration wine at tens of yuan, drinking clear white wine is the most cost -effective. With my personal experience, the fragrance -type liquor of tens of yuan can develop some “Chen Xiang” flavor. What about the fragrance? The price of dozens of dollars is either with raw food or smell of mud. Needless to say, the basic sauce fragrance is extremely poor, and some will actually have a low -end stinky mud taste, and I don’t know where to get the base wine from.


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