A “face” running vest, resist the cold, and protect the “core”


Waves of the cold wave after waves

As soon as the cold wind blows, the whole heart is pulled back and cools down

It’s really too cold

When the sky is freezing, you are reluctant to leave the warm quilt in the morning

But there are a lot of true love runners who are still keen on running


Running in winter, the most important thing is to keep warm

And we often say warmth

The most important thing is our core temperature

When the core temperature keeps warm

Blood can flow to our limbs normally

As a result, keep our body warmth

The vest is a good “partner” to maintain the core temperature of the human body

It is also one of the favorite items that runners run in winter


The advantage of the vest is strong flexibility

The vest has no sleeves, more flexible and free to exercise

Want to meet the dual needs of light travel and core warmth

That vest is a very good choice

Here are several outdoor running vests

Make your winter exercise more freely, not afraid of cold


Lightweight windproof running vest


Ultra -lightweight design, suitable for the core windproof and warmth of the racing scene

The front and rear pieces of vests are used in South Korea imported fabrics


100%nylon ingredients and the effect of windproof and splashing water

Can effectively resist cold wind invasion

Keep the core area of ​​the body

Inner 60%polyester, 40%pallonic composition

Can ensure the effect of sweating and not sticking to the body

Lightweight and windproof vest is designed for slim stitching


Two colors of Youhei and Binghu Blue

Fashionable, concise and generous

And the weight is very light, M code weighs only 142.7g

It is very convenient for storage and carrying

Light, windproof and warm running vest

There are A side in life and B side;

We accept the double sides of life frankly

You can also wear it easily on both sides of the clothes


Not restricting a “face”, breaking the habit of one -sided dressing

You extremely light, windproof, warmth, warm running vest

One piece of clothing, two -sided can be worn; two ways to wear, switch as you can

Design for windproof warmth in the winter low temperature scene


Can be based on the type and temperature of the inner base clothes

Put on the front and back to ensure windproof performance and fast dry

Unilaterally use 15D windproof waterproof fabric

The light rain weather in the south and the snowy climate in the north can be easily dealt with

The other side uses texture fleece fabric, soft and skin -friendly


The side side of the waist uses a square -ray -raised texture velvet fabric

Cervical small collar design


Temperature and demeanor

After pulling up the zipper, the erected collar fits the neck more


Best the cold wind in the neck

Provide warm protection for the neck

The placket uses YKK U -shaped head zipper

, Double -sided wear method choice

The zipper is equipped with Youji LOGO pull hand rope

It can be easily used in the case of gloves

Pocket use

“Hidden” zipper

Make the appearance of the clothes more concise and generous

There is a zipper pocket on each side of the left and right sides, you can place your phone, etc.

To prevent cold air from invading the body

Both vest sleeves and hems use loose band band edges

Make the underarm and hem more fit the body

Don’t give cold wind a chance

Lightly down vest

Meet training and daily wear in low temperature environment in winter

The core area uses 15D emperor fabric

Fill in the front side of 850 Panthopathy

Can effectively lock the core area temperature

The position of sweating on both sides and back waist is easy to sweat


Stitching is more suitable for sports elastic knitting material

Enhance the wetting and breathability of the vest

Even if the winter comes

People are not afraid of the cold and brave to move outdoors


In addition to the beautiful experience brought by exercise

There is also the light and warm comfortable body brought by running vests

Resist cold, protect “core”

Come and put on the running vest and start your winter training

Light, windproof and warm running vest

Lightly down vest