Godiva Emperor Brahma 2020 Christmas limited chocolate gift box Life shines every moment per person


In the fascinating winter, Christmas prelude is quietly opened. The global Belgian royal royal royal chocolate brand GODIVA Emperor Vatican fuses Xingyao elements and festivals and light, and launched the highly anticipated Christmas limited gift box series. At this time of tenderness and romance, Godiva Ge Emperor Brahns will light up the holiday gift party with Christmas magic blessings and love.

Capture the flashing stars, from the delicate and mellow chocolate to the design of the gift box with a refreshing gift box, gathered the beauty of the Starlight Emperor Brahma’s Christmas Limited Gift Box series, transformed into a shining star, decorating the starry sky, passing the surprise, fixing winter fantasy moments Essence

The GODIVA Emperor Brahma 2020 Christmas Limited Gift Box series extends with Star Yao’s inspiration, and puts starlight into colorful gift boxes. Looking back at the flashing moment in 2020, pay tribute to every ordinary you. With the light of every moment in the future, we look forward to the hope and beauty of the unexpected encounter.

Christmas Star Yao Li


This season’s Christmas limited gift box series selected a series of Godiva Classic flavored chocolate, chip chocolate, selected truffle chocolate and new Star Yao Chocolate series to meet different moments. GODIVA Emperor Brahma Master Jean Apostolou fusion Belgian production process and festival magic inspiration. Selecting Christmas theme ingredients such as black chocolate, caramel, blue root fruit, cranberry, showing the Star Yao Chocolate Series, the starry star, creating love of love, creating love of love scene.

Jean Apostolou said: “The Star Yao series of chocolate is inspired by the beautiful scenery of Christmas lights and decorations. At the same time as the starlight injects a warm atmosphere, it brings more colorful magic. When this wonderful taste blooms between the lips and teeth, Everything will be awakened at this moment. “

2020 Christmas limited chocolate gift box series

The 2020 Christmas Chocolate Series incorporates the elements of the star Yao into the inside and outside of the gift box. The appearance of the gift box embellishes the star pattern and the light -point element on the red gold color color. It seems that the bright starry river that is remitted with stars in the dark night renders a strong and wonderful festival atmosphere. The carefully presented Star Yao Chocolate series with Santa Claus, Penguin, and Snowman Christmas theme modeling chocolate and selected classic flavor chocolate, the glossy festival flavor buds opened immediately.

At the same time, the new GODIVA Emperor Van Song Dew -shaped chocolate gift box is also limited to the street with Christmas green main color. The streamlined text that continues the texture of the gift box design is combined with the elements of Xingyao, and the Christmas feelings are interpreted with fashion and aesthetics.


In addition, the choice of rich gift boxes with childlike elements as a design prototype adds surprise to the Christmas season gift party, passing warmth and love, which makes people love it.


About Godiva

Ge Difan


In 1926, the global Belgian royal royal royal chocolate brand Godiva Emperor Vatican was founded by Chocolate Master Pierre Draps in Brussels. After nearly a century of development, Godiva Ge Emperor Van always adhered to Belgium’s superb chocolate production technology and selected high -quality raw materials to ensure the quality of each chocolate product.


Name legend: Mrs. Godiva

The kind and beautiful Mrs. Godiva could not bear to see the suffering of the people’s livelihood, so she asked her husband Leofric (Lolfrek) to reduce the taxation tax. Mrs. Godiva agreed that her naked body only covered the city with long hair. If the people in the entire Kaowen Chukong closed the doors and windows, the count would reduce taxes. In the early morning of the next day, Mrs. Godiva was naked, while the people in the city closed the doors and windows with respect, and did not leave home. Earl Leofric’s promise was finally fulfilled, and Mrs. Godiva’s legendary story has been chanted to this day. Inspired by the enthusiastic and generous quality of Mrs. Godiva and the spirit of courage to pioneer, the legendary name of Godiva Emperor Vatican has become synonymous with delicious and luxurious chocolate worldwide.